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Forged In Fire by Trish McCallan: A Review

Forged in Fire: A Red-Hot SEALs Novel, Book 1 | [Trish McCallan]

Forged in Fire: A Red-Hot SEALs Novel, Book 1

Beth Brown’s dream feels so real: a mysterious stranger is gunned down during a violent airplane hijacking, and there’s nothing Beth can do to stop it. But Beth doesn’t believe in premonitions — or does she? How else can she explain the intense connection she feels to the gorgeous man in her dream whom she’s never met? A man she’s determined to save... Navy SEAL Zane Winters lives for the job, relying on his psychic abilities to keep his fellow soldiers alive. No woman has been able to break through his tough-as-nails warrior mentality — until the day he meets a beautiful blonde who sets his soul on fire. There’s just one problem: Beth is convinced he’s about to die. To save Zane and the other airline passengers — and to thwart the global crisis the hijacking will unleash — Beth and Zane join forces. But even amid the danger, they can’t deny the powerful force drawing them together. Is it merely attraction…or destiny?
Zane Winters has waited his whole life to find that 'connection' with a woman.  In his family, a man knows when he's met 'the one'.  He feels an instant soul deep connection, to the point that it's psychic.  Zane has always had flashes of intuition, so it's no surprise to his fellow SEALs, who are all at the airport waiting to catch a flight to a wedding, when Zane gets a flash of bad happenings on the flight they're about to board. 
What IS a shock is when not only does the woman Zane has been waiting for his whole life show up in the terminal, but she comes right up to Zane and knows details about the flight highjacking about to take place...details only someone involved could know.  Or someone psychic? 
Beth Brown has never in her life had dreams or premonitions that came true...yet the one about this day was coming true in ever step, so what else could she do but go to the airport and try to warn the man she'd seen in her dream about all the deaths she'd witnessed?  She's shocked & mystified at her instant attraction to Zane Winters...and the way he seems to take command of everyone and everyting around him. 
I LOVED this book!  I'd actually read the book before, so this refers to the audio version, which I just had to listen to when I heard it was out.
  Ms McCallan thrilled this readers little heart ~ first, it's obvious that the writer herself is a romance lover.  Her heroine is an avid romance reader, and not in annoying way, but one that endeared her to me.  Another way I felt like I was on inside club with Ms. McCallan was OMG, she's GOT to be a Linda Howard fan!  So many of these sexy SEALs and other characters had LH have to be a fan to recognize them, but here are a few I jotted down < Mac, Chastain, Mackenzie, Zane, Chance, Dane, Trammel...> I loved it!
And it's obvious she learned what makes a hero grab your heart and run with reading all those romances, because Zane does!  He's sexy, overbearing but not in an obnoxious way.  He's instantly possesive & aggresive about Beth...who he's already decided is his.  There's no lack on the action & adventure, and while we're left wondering on a few points to lead us to book 2, I have only glowing things to say about this book...and to tell Ms. McCallan she needs to
She's already make it onto my autobuy list with ONE BOOK. 
Yup, it's THAT good, peeps. 
And Angela Dawe, as always, brings the characters to life in an awesome
 skillful way!  I love how she can do male or female, and keep me convinced of her characters the entire time. 
I sped the audio up to 1.25, but I do that most of the time, since I read pretty fast.  But this was a total WIN! 

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  1. LOL LOVED your review. You know you are one of the ONLY readers who picked up on all the little tips to Linda Howard. Kudos! It gives me a kick to hear that someone picked up on that. *bg