Wednesday, September 26, 2012

A Perfect Husband by Fiona Brand: A Review

A Perfect Husband (The Pearl House #3)
A Perfect Husband         
by Fiona Brand
                         August 7th 2012 by Harlequin                             
0373731914 (ISBN13: 9780373731916)
Determined to escape her family's history of falling for men afraid of commitment, Lilah Cole has a plan. She's devised a marriage checklist to help her find the perfect husband. And her billionaire boss fills every requirement. Too bad it's his wild brother, Zane Atraeus, who fills her fantasies.Handsome, dangerous and sexy, Zane is not marriage material. But Lilah's supposed relationship with his brother sets off a media storm. With Zane running interference, there's no way Lilah can avoid him. So what's a sensible girl to do but surrender to seduction?
Zane has been crazily attracted to Lilah since the 1st time he'd met her, 2 years ago.  He'd moved on it then, but then he'd found out about her crazy marriage plan...and being committment shy himself, he'd avoided any type of entaglement with Lilah, while at the same time keeping as close to her as possible without actually being with her. 
But now his brother Lucas is talking about not just going out with Lilah, but MARRYING her?  Zane can't let that happen...Lucas isn't the man for Lilah...
Lilah grew up with stories of how the Cole women always chose the wrong men, so she'd set her plan down in writing, and had every intention of sticking with, now matter how wildly attracted to Zane Atraeus she was...and still is. Considering his reputation, he wasn't even a canidate for her why was she so draw to him in EVERY way?
Zane and Lilah find themselves drawn together again and again, not being able to resist...and I liked how Zane came across, as the confident, strong, aloof but caring hero.  And Lilah, while having her list, she wasn't cold blooded about it...she just wanted a husband and children that she could count on having with her forever. 
I really liked both the hero AND heroine...I love Fiona Brand's writing.  I loved her writing years ago better, but she has that magical way of making you fall in love with her characters.  What bothered me about these two was that the whole book was fraught with misunderstandings.  Towards the end Zane FINALLY opened up and asked Lilah to talk to him, and I was so thrilled!  Felt like if they'd have been doing that all along, things would have moved much smoother.  Would it have killed the plot?  I don't think so.  Like I said, Ms. Brand's characterization is so strong, she could carry a story on this alone! 
While it wasn't my favorite Fiona Brand, by no means am I ready to quit her yet~
as a matter of fact, I noticed this ~
O'Halloran's Lady (Harlequin Romantic Suspense)is up for presale and snagged it! 


  1. Thanks for the review. I saw thus one at the store and forgot to go back and pick it up. I just might need to go back. I really like the cover. Not the usual straight lace man in a suit cover Desire usually do.

  2. Hm, I'll have to think about this one... Too much misunderstandings can give me a headache... The plot does sound good, though :)