Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Lara Adrian and Slackin'...........

Kiss of Midnight (Midnight Breed)Midnight Awakening : The Midnight Breed, Book 3

So this week my daughter, who is graduating this year, had Prom ~ so it's been kind of crazy around here. 
I haven't had a lot of reading time ~ so I've been sliding in some listening time every chance I get, and my current obsession is The Midnight Breed series by Lara Adrian. 
 I've read the books, of course ~ have you?
They are OMG good ~ think hawt, sexy vampire warriors out to save man kind from those vamps who have turned Rogue and kill indiscriminately ~ yeah, if you're a fan of vamps, put these at the top of your list, because this is DO NOT MISS reading!! 
But I want to be fresh when the new book comes out, so I thought I'd start listening at book 1 and slowly catch myself back up.  Ha!  That was a 2 weeks ago and I'm almost done with book 4 ~ these books SUCK you IN, I'm telling you!!  And while the narrator's VOICE itself isn't the best I've ever heard, she does an excellent job making the voices distinct and easy to distinguish, and conveys emotion.
I can't QUIT listening ~ and I only get 2 credits a month, so I've already bought TWO of them, and know I'm going to buy the others because NO WAY am I going to WAIT to listen to them ~ they flow seamlessly from one book to the next, so it's awesome......and it's perfect for while I'm filling out invitations, sending pics, etcs ~ I can listen, too!! 

So what do you recommend I listen to next? 


  1. I've never really listened to an audio book so really I can't say much about it.

  2. Melissa! You have got to read The Night Huntress books by Jeanine Frost, if you haven't yet! I love Lara Adrian books and can't wait for the next book!