Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Black Magic Woman by Christine Warren

Black Magic Woman (The Others, #10)

I'm a fan of Christine Warren's Other series from back in her EC days ~ she's another author you can always depend on for a great chuckle, snarky wit and great friction between the hero/heroine.

In Black Magic Woman ~ which, btw, IS a new title, not a revamped EC story ~ Daphanie Carter has moved back to New York ~ her sister, Danice (Prince Charming Doesn't Live Here) is getting married, and she's at a great point in her life for change, so New York it is.  She's floored when she meets her sister's fiance & is introduced to a whole new world within our world that she never knew exsisted ~ the world of The Others, where her sister is marrying a Fae, friends with vampires, witches and shape shifters!

When she's offered an up close & personal chance to check out a club where the 'normal' Others hang out, she jumps on it!  Never did she imagine she'd have a run in (or HE'D run into HER) with a Witch Doctor ~ or that she'd be saved by a Guardian......Angel?  No, he's no Angel, but wow, he's HOT! 
Asher Grayson is a Guardian ~ he protects human's who need it from Others who would do them harm.  He'd already been checking Daphanie out when he see's her run in with the witch doc ~ he HAD to intervene and meet her, right?  Even if it IS a little too late, since she's already been he'll have to guard her 24/7! 

I was thrilled to find myself totally drawn into this story ~ couldn't put it down.  I was a little dissapointed in the last one, which was an EC revamp, so was scared I wouldn't love this one.  No worries ~ the interaction between Daphanie & Asher is full of sparks & snark, and we get to visit with so many of the 'Others' from previous stories, it was just a blast to read. 

I WILL say that she left a big thread dangling as far as I'm concerned ~ it's even mentioned by Asher as a huge worry at one point, but she doesn't resolve it for us.  Maybe that's coming in a later book ~ I don't know, but it bothers me.......

Overall, this was a great book ~ a fun read, and with Christine Warren's books you can one up anywhere in the series and not be lost ~ she does a great, but brief, intro in each book.  You may meet characters you want to know more about, but you don't HAVE to read them to 'get' the book.

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