Friday, May 27, 2011

Yours To Keep by Shannon Stacey ~

Yours To Keep (Kowalski Family, #3)
Received from NetGalley ~
Emma Shaw is in a spot ~ you know that one, right between a rock and a hard place?  When her Grandmother, Cat, had moved to Florida two years ago Emma took sole responsibility for Cat's house, and for building her own budding landscaping business at the same time.  Cat had worried and fretted so much that Emma was afraid that she'd leave her friends and her retirement life to come home so Emma wouldn't be alone ~ so Emma did the only thing she could think of to ease Cat's mind.  She created a perfect fake fiance ~ Sean Kowalski.  Oh, sure, he EXSISTED.  He was her best friend's husband's cousin ~ and he was a half a world away in Afghanistan.  And Cat was in Florida...the perfect solution!  Until she finds out Cat is coming to visit...
Sean Kowalski was a free man for the first time in twelve years ~ free to DO whatever he wanted!  And what he'd wanted was to be around his New Hampshire cousins, and his Aunt Mary & Uncle Leo who had been a huge part of his and his brothers and sister upbringing.  He was going to mooch an apartment over his cousin Kevin's bar, maybe do some odd jobs here and there...and then that "Tall, Hot, Batshit Crazy" Emma Shaw showed up on his door, telling him she was his fiance?  NO way was he getting involved in this crazy scheme...
Sean agrees to help Emma out ~ for the sake of her Grandmother ~ and hey, he could use the job.  But it's not long before he and Emma find themselves drawn to each other more and more, and while they are both trying to resist ~ neither of them is interested in a relationship ~ sleeping in the same room, even if Emma is on the couch, is harder than it sounds...
This is Book 3 in the Kowalski family series by Shannon Stacey ~ and I loved it!  Emma and Sean were so much fun and easy to step into their shoes and FEEL how they were drawn not only to each other, but Emma to Sean's big, loving Kowalski family, and Sean to Emma's Grandmother, Cat.  The relationships in this book are the kind that make you want to BE a part of this circle of family and friends ~ and the love and respect you see growing between Emma and Sean, even though they DON'T see it, just squeezes your heart and makes you keep turning the pages because you have to KNOW they're going to figure it out. 
 This book was a pure enjoyment ~ and I couldn't lay it down until I was done!
This is another Carina Press book ~ and I just gotta say, they are consistently snagging me with great books, awesome authors, and have you SEEN these covers? 
 WOW!  If you haven't checked them, out, DO!

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  1. Great review! I've been waiting oh so patiently for this book.