Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Big Bad Beast by Shelly Laurenston

Ric Van Holtz can't believe his luck ~ the woman he's madly in love with, Dee-Ann Smith, has come to work for "The Group", for HIM.  He was her direct supervisor ~ and it was nothing for her to drop in on him at home, but finding her sitting on the side of his bed when he woke up?  Dream. Come. True.  Now if he could only convince her to get IN the bed with him, he'd have it all! 
    Dee Ann doesn't know what the heck is WRONG with Ric ~ he's the prettiest male she's ever known, and he's always hitting on HER, scarred up, mean as a snake, her.  And he just might be getting under skin...
    Working on finding out the 'who' behind an underground fight group that is using young hybrid shifters, Ric & Dee Ann find themselves together...ALOT.  Which just couldn't work out better for Ric.........
    OK, so I just gotta say ~ Shelly Laurenston makes me LAUGH!  She makes me giggle, she makes me snort, and she makes me anxious to see what the hell she'll throw out there next.  Ric & Dee Ann couln't have been more wrong for each other ~ silver spoon & hillbilly, but they were perfect together!  I loved seeing Ric trying to work his wiles on this prickly female ~ and her falling, but never loosing her edge. 
That's what I love most about Shelly's hero/heroine's ~ they fall in love with WHO they are, and they don't change because they are in love.  We get to visit with SO many characters from previous books in this one ~ and WOW, that was awesome ~ and one of the greatest things was that the characters are so three demensional STILL, still the kick ass or funny, or funky or weird shifters we fell in love it.  If you've read her books, you know what I mean when I talk about the antics between breeds ~ and how fun it is to read about! 
    This is one of those read when you close you have this great big 'ole smile on your face, and are already hunting up the next release date! 


  1. Absolutely love this series!! Not quite ready for this one yet, still have to read "The Main Squeeze" but I am super excited about it! You are totally correct with the humor in this series *snort* It cracks me up :D

  2. Oh, she so makes me laugh! Here Kitty, Kitty is one of my favorite reads when I'm down ~ it always gets me in a better mood!

  3. I LOVE Shelley Laurenston! She writes HOT and hysterical books! I haven't read Big Bad Beast yet but look forward to it! Have you read her books when she writes as G.A. Aiken? About dragons and just as funny!

  4. Oh, yeah......I love her Dragons, too!! I love that they are so vain and self centered, but still so loveable!! Her books are great!!