Saturday, April 23, 2011

Blood of The Maple by Dana Marie Bell

Received from NetGalley
Vampire Parker Hollis has managed to get himself cursed ~ He'd hooked up with the 'crazy' witch Terrie, and unfortunately, for HIM, she took it way more to heart than he did.  So when she caught him with another woman, she tries to bind Parker to her for eternity, she's cursed him.....and herself!  Parker to drink only green, leafy blood, and herself into becoming....a nightmare for Parker!
When Parker's best friend Greg suggest Parker go to the town of Maggie's Grove on his death bed, how could Parker say no?  Little did he know that he'd arrive in Maggie's Grove with the ghost of Greg at his side, and meet the love of his life ~ Amara Schwedler, who just happens to be dryad.  How perfect could life be?  A town of supernaturals ~ his single sotiei ~ and his best friend at his side. 
But there is MORE to Amara than Parker knows ~ WHY does the whole town treat her as if she's a pariah?  And when Terrie comes to town to hunt Parker down and keep him from hooking up another woman, life gets really adventurous! 
So I love Dana Marie Bell's writing ~ she has such a great sense of humor, she can always make me smile.  And chuckle out loud ~ and Blood of The Maple was no exception!
 This book has such a new and different set of characters and supernaturals than I've read before ~ dryads, witchdoctors, etc. ~ and I am thrilled with the town of Maggie's Grove! 
 I have to say that I was a bit overwhelmed by all the characters she introduces more than just briefly ~ I found myself having to double check I wasn't getting them cofused.  She's clearly setting up for a series ~ which I can't wait to read ~ but I did get a little high off information overload.  
But Parker and Amara, ghostly Greg and the love he meets made this story just plain fun and left you wanting MORE on the citizens of Maggie's Grove. 

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