Sunday, April 24, 2011

Blood Ties by Sharon Sala

Blood Ties (Searchers (Mira))
Blood Ties by Sharon Sala is Book 2 in the Searchers ~

When Andrew Slade died, his last will & testament revealed life altering secrets for his 3 daughters ~ Blood Ties is the story of the youngest daughter, Savannah Slade.  Upon her father's death, she finds out that she was not his blood child ~ that, in fact, none of the the 3 sisters are related to him or each other by blood. 
Each child is given a journal and facts about their parents before they came to be with Andrew Slade. 

Savannah Slade's mother was dying of cancer when Andrew met her, and when Savannah's father was killed by his own family, her mother thought the only safe place for her upon her death was with a total stranger, a stranger she'd come to trust.  Savannah's father's family is a big money family in Miami ~ and Savannah feels she has to go and find out what happened to her father and reveal her exsistence as the actual heir to the Stoss family.  Before she's even begun to make a claim on the Stoss fortune and her rightful place, attempts on her life begin to happen ~ and only make her more determined to get to the truth of what happened to her father. 

Savannah left her almost fiance, Judd Holyfield, at home in Montana while she went to Miami to try and settle her past she'd known nothing about.  She's been sweethearts with Judd for some time, but has refused to marry him ~ and when the trouble really begins in Miami, she wants him by her side. 

OK, I'm a total fan girl of Sharon Sala ~ and don't think she writes anything that isn't GOOD.  Savannah's story with the Stoss's, the attempts on her life, the unraveling of her father's family, were an awesome story.  I was sucked into the whole big picture ~ what I felt like was lacking here was one of the things that make me love Ms. Sala's writing so much.  There was really no love story ~ Savannah and Judd briefly saw one another at the beginning of the books, and with a few phone calls in between, we don't see them together again until over 50% of the book is over ~ and then there is no 'story' in their relationship.  It just IS. 
I wanted to see it build ~ I wanted to see them find each other, and WHY ~ I didn't get that in this book.  I felt it was much more about Savannah and the Stoss family, and the romance was an after thought. 

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