Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Sharing some of my RT pics!!

So I went to RT in Kansas City ~ it was SO much fun!! 
I had an amazing time ~
and not just because I met some of my very favorite authors!

So I'm going to share my pictoral RT
 ~ the laughter, fun & friendship ~
and straight up AWE I experienced!!
Me, Shell Bryce & Caridad Pineiro

Um, yeah, that IS Karina Cooper licking her cover!!  <BG>

Beth Williamson

That is Joyous with Coreene Callahan

Trish Picky Me & Joy

Shell, Joy & Caridad

Me & Trish

THAT is Jude Devereaux, my friends!

The awesome Mari Carr

I'm not sure who was giving these away, but I wanted to WIN them!!

Steam Punk goggles ~ cool, aren't they?


Playing Mad Libs ~ OMG, fun!!

PJ in her Steampunk costume ~ AWESOME!!

Karina Cooper

Joy singing!!

Can you just SEE the attitude?

Lauren, who is GREAT!

Yup, with the attitude again!

Fighting over Joy!!

Awww, Joy, Dawn & cover model

PJ dressed for Intergalactic Bar & Grill

LOVE it!

Joy & E

Myself & Lauren Dane!!  <3

YES, that IS Lara Adrian!! 

Gang of hilarity!!

Um, yeah, that is Maya Bank's butt ~
Vivian Arrend HAD to have a pic!!

Jaci, Lauren, Tiffani & Sylvia!!

Myself & Vivian

Aussie goodness!!

Joy & Maya!!! <3 <3

Omg, the costumes!!

Oh, YEAH, the Ellora's Cavemen

Jessie w/ that smarmy grin!!  : > )

Joy w/ the hunks!!

ME with the EC hunks!!

I'll teach you, teach you...

The Electric Slide!!

Jessie was obsessed with those little rain drops!!

I LOVE this costume!!

OK, wondering why this here?  OMG, there are totally
MAN hands on this cover, lol.  L@@K!!

OK, for today, this is IT, guys!
It doesn't even begin to touch on the FUN ~ 
but I'll share more tomorrow!! 


  1. Thanks for sharing your RT pics I enjoyed them!

  2. Great pictures Melissa! I'm sorry I had to miss it:(

  3. Love the pics! It looks like a great time was had by all. ;)
    Thanks for sharing.