Thursday, May 9, 2013

MORE RT Kansas City pics ~ and Chance to WIN!!

So LOTS more pics today ~
and I'll be giving one commenter a box o' swag from RT2013!!
Just tell me who your Rock Star Author is! 

RT had banners of past RT's, authors we've all loved...
it was so neat! 

GREAT food in Kansas City!!

Lexxie Couper taking a pic of me taking a pic of her!!

Dawn & Joy!!

Victoria Dahl, who is gorgeous in person too!

Our pic got photo bomed by Vivian Arrend!
I love wolfies!!

Lauren Dane and Alyssa Day ~
Lovely AND Talented!!

Mari Carr, who is one of the nicest people EVAH!

Kristen Callihan!

Ooh, bought ALL those hot Firemen books!!

Jules Bennett who is just as bubbly & sweet in person
as she is online!!  Smooches!!

I LOVES me some Dana Marie Bell!

Me & Lora Leigh

Lora Leigh showing off her new tat!

Maya Banks and Julie Garwood!
How'd you like to go all Misery on those two??
Oooh, that BOOKS!!

Jessie Potts HEA Blogger, and one of the funniest
people I know! 

Thea Devine ~ YEAH, you remember those books!

Myself & Brenda Novak...was total accident I ran into her,
but she was such a sweetie & so NICE!

Maya & Julie again ~ yup, author crush!

Joy, READY for her Kansas City strip!

Coreene Callahan, who is SO fun!

Vicky Dreiling

Yes, those ARE Jude Devereaux ARC's ~
and YUP, I got one!

Jaci Burton!!

Ahhh, more dinner!

Karina Cooper ~ and ya'll, she is PRECIOUS!!

OMG, Lara Adrian!!
The SQUEE...
AND she told about her new Companion book, which
will include Gideon & Savannah's story!!


  1. Replies
    1. Well you met three of them. Julie Garwood, Maya Banks and Lora Leigh. (Green with envy)

    2. Well...I have a couple ....Ilona Andrews, Patricia Briggs, Nalini Singh and Thea Harrison....if I could have all four in one place at the same time...swoon!

  2. Maya Banks, Lauren Dane, Vivian Arend, Lora Leigh, Moire Rogers are just a few. Thanks for the awesome giveaway.

  3. There are so many that I would love to meet! One in particular is Larissa Ione. I love the Demonica & Lords of Deliverance series :) Thanks so much for sharing your lovely pics with us!
    manning_J2004 at yahoo dot com

  4. Lora Leigh, Lorelei James, Maya Banks and Lauren Dane just to name a few! Thanks for sharing your RT experience with us Melissa!

  5. So jealous of all the great authors that you met. Julie Garwoodi is one of my favorite authors. Love The Bride.

  6. So many, but right now it's Eloisa James.


  7. SO jealous you got to go! I am planning to go next year! I would LOVE to get some RT Swag!! :-)

    My rock star author is Gena Showalter because she has SO many series and books and they all ROCK! My two other all time favorite authors are Lara Adrian and JR Ward.

    Thanks for the awesome giveaway!