Tuesday, May 21, 2013

His Risk to Take by Tessa Bailey: A Review

His Risk to Take

(Line of Duty #2)

by Tessa Bailey 

His Risk to Take (Line of Duty, #2) 
The greater the risk, the hotter the reward…

Homicide cop Troy Bennett had a reputation on the Chicago PD for being fearless and in control—until the night his daredevil partner is killed during a raid. From that moment on, he swears he’ll never again be responsible for the loss of a loved one. To escape his demons, Troy transfers to the NYPD, bringing him up close and personal with Ruby Elliott, a beautiful, street-savvy pool hustler.
Reckless and stubbornly independent, Ruby embodies everything Troy’s avoiding, but when she walks into O’Hanlon’s Pub and blows his carefully laid plans to hell, Troy knows he has to have her—risks be damned. But there’s a connection between Ruby’s shadowed past and a case Troy’s working involving a notorious Brooklyn felon, throwing her safety into jeopardy. Confronted with his biggest fear, will Troy push Ruby away to keep her safe or fight to keep her in his arms where she belongs?
I'm SO enjoying the Entangled Brazen line!  Sexy and Hot, each story so far has been just a little over the top, with a hero larger than life who the heroine falls for quickly. 
I LOVE these kinds of stories, so I'm such a FAN!!
Troy Bennett takes one look at the pool hustling Ruby, and he's SUNK.  She's everything he DOESN'T want ( a risk taker, she's vulnerable) but he can't stop himself from wanting to get in deeper with her. 
Having moved to the NYPD to basically sever all emotional ties, Ruby is the last thing he's looking for.
But Ruby is drawn to him just as hard as he's drawn to her...and she's learned her whole life that there are very few people you can count on other than yourself, and Cops are right there at the top of who you DON'T trust!
This one was short and sweet ( and OMG SEXY!)~ I'd like to have had a chance to delve deeper into Ruby and Troy's trust issues, because even though I totally bought them falling in love I had a harder time with Ruby and Troy trusing one another so quickly, even though they'd been tested.  They both have had a while to build the walls...but it was a novella.  I so enjoyed to the whole when he saw Ruby, Troy was sunk sexually at the first sight of Ruby ~ And Ruby couldn't resist this dirty talking, sexy cop!!
OMG, the MOUTH on this guy ~~  SWOON!
  Overall, this was a great short read. 
But DO keep in mind it's a novella


  1. I'm enjoying Entangled Brazen as well...love Tessa Bailey's dirty talking heroes!

  2. Great review! I haven't had a chance to read this yet but I do have it on the Kindle .....nom nom on the cover!

    1. Thanks! OMG, you guys...I'm SO hooked on these books!! I'm reading the ones by J Lynn aka Jennifer Armentrout right now. Tempting The Best Man is 1st book, and I'm reading Tempting The Player right now. OMG, it's AWESOME and so funny!! Only got a few hours sleep today, lol. Couldn't quit reading!!