Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Dream Nights With The CEO by Kathy Lyons: A Review

Dream Nights with the CEO: A Secret Desires Novel 
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Dream Nights with the CEO:

A Secret Desires Novel

by Kathy Lyons

Hotel chain CEO and millionaire Wyatt Monroe is a stick in the mud. Sure, he's hot as sin, even with the tie, but free-spirited assistant Megan Bradford refuses to jeopardize their perfect working relationship. Why mess that up with sex? She knows he's the love 'em and leave 'em type, and she's determined to find a family man. Wyatt would never cross the line between boss and employee with Megan, no matter how hard it might be to resist the temptation. But when they visit a mysterious B&B in a bid to acquire the property, he starts having erotic dreams about the sexy brunette that make it hard to resist her in daylight.  Soon the line between reality and dreams further blurs when they learn they were sharing the same erotic dreams…

A lot of this book takes place in dreams ~ Megan has worked for Wyatt for some time, and had secret fantasies since the day she met him.  But she's determined to keep it professional, because she wants to succeed so badly.  Wyatt has just given up on women in general ~ he's been called cold so many times he's decided he just must be. 
But there is NOTHING cold about the way he feels about Megan. 
And when he starts having wickedly sexy dreams about Megan,
it's all he can do to NOT make them come true...
Megan can't hardly look Wyatt in the face after the sexily REAL dreams
she's been having of him. 
But she's already decided it's time for her to get a promotion, and become more of a partner to him than an assistant, so no way is she ready to mix sex in her plans. 
I SO enjoyed this!  I loved how Kathy Lyons portrayed obstacles Megan and Wyatt saw in their lives, in thier dreams.  I loved that Megan and Wyatt enjoyed and listened to one another, and that they really knew each other SO much better than either realized.  They both are having the same thoughts, but they've also both thrown so many obstacles in their own way it's become a huge wall to get over.
Mix in a mysterious ghost at the B&B who decides to give their connection a little push,
and this story was pure fairy tale come alive! 
Kathy Lyons is Jade Lee writing contemporary, and I for one am so glad! 


  1. Thanks for the review - I've been wondering about this book and now i'm adding it to my

  2. I liked this book as well. I can't wait for the next book.

  3. Bummed that it's not available for me-thanks for the review Melissa!