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Highlight On Breathless Press

Breathless Press Releases - Erotic
About Breathless Press:
Breathless Press is an e-book publisher specializing in Romance and Erotic(a) stories.
Our mission statement is simple: To provide the opportunity for readers to connect with romance authors through the purchasing of quality e-books at a low price. 
Starting in the summer of 2009, Breathless Press came into existence. Since then, we have been producing top end romance and erotic stories for valued readers to enjoy.
Our Goal?
Breathless Press is an electronic publisher of paranormal, erotic, and mainstream romance, releasing one to three e-books a week in a variety of downloadable formats. It is Breathless Press' mission to provide readers with quality romance books in electronic formats and to raise the standard in e-publishing.
A Most Unusual Mistress: Rogue Scandals, Book 1 by Raven McAllan
Why be a wife if a mistress has more fun? All Adriana has to do is get Ashley to agree...
Finding her intended bollocks-deep in his mistress when she is trembling with wanting and suppressed desires does not impress Adriana. If being a mistress entails being part of such passion, then a mistress only she will be.
Ashley, Earl of Addersley, thinks otherwise. He wants a wife on his terms. Terms that would send this lady of the Ton screaming...or would they?
An agreement, a challenge, a single night of mind-blowing passion very well may determine the outcome. Wife or mistress? Which shall it be?
"You are to be my wife," Ash said stiffly. He knew his face reddened in shame, for he was ashamed of the discomfort he had caused her. "However," he continued, ignoring the ripple of excitement her query had aroused, "not my whore. I respect you."
"I would be better off as your mistress and get the body and the fucking I desire," she said frankly. "Lud, Ash. I want your love, your body, and to be fucked. If that is not to be my culmination, then let me be your whore. For a twelvemonth, I have spied and regarded you in secret, stroking myself after peering at you without your knowledge. Lud, I ache for your touch.
If, as your wife, I do not receive all that I desire, I do not desire to be your wife. Why should I settle for less than all you can—if you chose—give me?" she demanded. "Just because it is assumed women of our class do not enjoy more than the mere mechanics of sex, or indeed, merely tolerate a husband's touch, do not assume that of me. If, as your mistress, I will receive more than duty demands, then make me her. However, don't bother to make me your wife. I have too much esteem to settle for less than I deserve."
He wondered if he imagined what he heard. "And you feel you deserve to be my mistress?"
"Well, I deserve more than a ten-minute fumble once the lamps are dimmed."
He couldn't believe his ears. Bloody hell. This was a woman after his own heart...or cock.
"Know you what you are asking? For the pictures you are conjuring have my cock throbbing. It knows, as I do, the pleasure to be had in showing you. I believe," he said slowly, "you do deserve more, my love. My whore you shall be."
Enchained by Chris Lange
Sometimes bad decisions lead to big mistakes. Other times it's just fate and you're screwed.
As night falls on Anchor's Town, Jany Reed is abducted from a parking lot by a man she believes to be her stalker ex boyfriend Billy. He leaves her trapped in a strange basement, locked up in chains, and naked. Before the night is out, Jany realizes that the hazardous situation might not be what it seems. And Billy might not be who she thinks he is.
Her stalker was crouched in the shadows.
Jany Reed's heart never missed a beat. Although she had only caught a glimpse of him, she knew who it was.
Here we go again. What's gotten into you, Billy? You're acting like a moron.
The breakup had been bad. The following weeks bordered on ugly. Wherever Jany went, Billy Carter lurked. His car had been parked two rows behind hers at the supermarket, at work, and at her friends' house, his tall shape looming in the distance. His letters filled her mailbox; his messages expended the batteries of her answering machine, yet he didn't push for another painful, pointless face-to-face. Their relationship was history.
For the moment, Billy didn't seem to think so.
Walking out of the alleyway leading to the store's parking lot, Jany wished he would get over her. Though she did her best to ignore his presence, his stupid peek-a-boo games were getting on her nerves. When would he understand they had nothing in common? Apparently not any time soon.
While looking straight ahead, Jany heard a shuffle behind her. Coming after me, Billy? Ballsy enough to talk to me this time? She wasn't enthusiastic about a confrontation. Still, if she could hammer into his brain that their sex story was over, they both might find relief. Billy had been great in bed, on the living room table, and in an elevator twice. Yet once out of the sheets, he grated on her nerves. Truth be told, he totally belonged to the happy family of human nerds.
With Anchor Town's main street on her right, Jany blinked. Since her eyes adjusted to the gloomy alleyway, the harsh neon signs felt like burns on her retinas. Holding her handbag in one hand, she dug the car keys out of her pocket with her other, and turned left toward the parking lot.
No strange noise followed her. She figured maybe her ex had decided to split. Typical of you, Billy. Come on, lover. Let's get this over with so we can move on. Only silence welcomed her thoughts. She hadn't expected anything else. Keeping her head high, Jany reached the entrance of the parking lot.
Then she felt a sting on her neck. A familiar smell wafted to her nose. A hospital smell. Her vision instantly blurred, her body slackened. She opened her mouth, drool on her chin. Her heavy eyelids wanting to be shut. Her car key clanged on the sidewalk. Her handbag slid down her shoulder.
Then darkness.
Garnet Sky: Crimson & Steel, Book 3 by Ric Bern
New lovers discover and explore buried passions as existing bonds are challenged by change in the conclusion to Crimson & Steel.
Violence and strife paint the background for the final chapter in this series, much as it has always been. The players vie for position amid the sea of turmoil, unaware that their petty shifting has so little effect on the final outcome. Everyday life goes on. A young wife worries that her husband will not want her after she has had her first child. A sneaking separatist becomes enamored with a lithe aristocratic girl. A mistress trains her new Nubian slaves. A hunter draws down on a deer in the woods. A newcomer feels suffocated by the crush of the market. In the inky darkness they will find one another. They will seek what comfort can be had in the arms of their lovers, regardless of whether society approves.
"Will there be anything else?"
She allowed her stare to linger a bit more on his frame before alighting on his face. He had high, brutally sharp cheeks and a thick, square jaw. His eyes were the color of polished copper, like the effigy of Jupiter Dolichenus in the temple district. Her breath quickened as Bhwekizizwe stepped toward her and tepidly reached out a hand.
"Are you all right?"
"What? Oh yes, quite all right...enjoying the sunset." She felt heat rising in her bosom and her cheeks.
He let his hand fall to his side. "You did not answer me."
"My answer is: I would like some wine." She cast a glance at a glass decanter and a pair of pattern-cut, long-stemmed flutes resting on a low table near the wrought iron bannister.
He poured the burgundy liquid into the colorfully layered and etched vessel and handed it to his mistress. Their fingers touched as they made the exchange. Little more could have excited her in that moment. She curled her toes and quietly turned up her glass. The familiar sensation of alcohol caressing her belly was welcome.
"Goodnight, mistress." He turned away.
"Bhwekizizwe. I have not dismissed you." She pouted her lips.
He turned back, yet did not advance. "What may I do for you?"
"Come. Converse with me. I am lonely." She drained the remainder of her drink. "And, please, pour me more wine. These flutes are delightful, although intended for an imbiber with the discretion of a woman more sensible and chaste than I."
To Tempt a Gypsy: Gypsy Lovers, Book 4 by Juliet Chastain
What's a handsome Gypsy to do when a beautiful noblewoman throws herself at him? Can Cambio Adams resist and keep his promise to his betrothed?
There's a reason the Gypsy clan's wise-woman says sweethearts Cambio and Tsura must wait six months before they wed, and that reason is the lovely Lady Chinton—a beautiful and bored aristocrat who always gets what she wants, and what she wants is Cambio Adams.
In this short, sexy read, Cambio seems to be falling into the clutches of the wanton noblewoman who wines and dines him and flirts most charmingly. He is sorely tempted, and the lady knows that if her charm and beauty can't seduce this impoverished Gypsy, her fabulous wealth can. Or so she thinks.
Looking closely at me she said, "You are no gentleman." Her voice sounded strained and hoarse.
"No, in truth I am not. I am Romanichal, a Gypsy," I said.
"Are you betrothed to a Gypsy?"
I nodded.
"You are refusing me for a Gypsy woman?" I nodded again.
We stood unmoving, our gazes locked.
"Well," she said at last, "this is a most unusual situation."
I seemed unable to do anything beside nod yet again.
"Men of far greater distinction than yourself have vied for my attention."
"That is no wonder, for you are very lovely," I said. "And as for me I have no social distinction at all."
"And yet you..." She stepped close to me and entwined her arms about my neck, pulling my head to her.
"Kiss me," she murmured. "There is no harm in a little kiss."
And so I kissed her. Not because of her words but because I could not help myself. I longed to hold her, to touch her, even to make love to her, but I sternly forbade myself. I tried to pull gently away from her, but it was difficult as she held me close, and indeed, my body wanted desperately to succumb to her sweet blandishments. I felt myself grow hard.
"You do want me." She reached down as though to touch me. I backed away before she could do so.
"Please, milady," I said, my voice sounding hoarse to my ears.
Dream Lovers: New Hope, Book 1 by Kelley J. Nightrose
Something is terribly wrong with the beautiful old Winston home. When Tabitha Johnson moves in she begins experiencing very erotic and extremely frightening dreams.
Some believe that dreams are nothing more than the brain processing and cataloging the days events. In New Hope, dreams can be just as real...and far more dangerous than anything experienced while awake. Tabitha Johnson found out the old house she moved into was previously owned by two other women. Both of them died lonely and unloved. Tabitha is left with...a choice, discover the identity of her mysterious dream lover, or become the third lonely victim of that beautiful old home.
Late Friday afternoon, Tabitha Johnson flipped off the lights in her yoga studio and stepped out the front door. She turned to insert the key into the lock and glanced back inside. A sliver of light shone under the door to the back office. Damn, I knew I forgot something. She trotted back and opened the door, but the lights were off. An icy breeze blew through her hair, sending a shiver down her spine. What happened to the lights, and where's that draft coming from? The AC is not running. She rubbed her arms to stave off the goosebumps.
Something shoved her through the doorway and slammed the door behind her. Oh, God, somebody's in here. Get the door open! She tried to turn, but something caught her and pinned her to the wall.
"Please don't hurt me!"
It pressed itself fully against her. God, he's squashing me. Tabitha flailed wildly, but the more she struggled the less she could move. "Let me go!"
Muffled laughter and heavy breathing resonated through the darkened room, coming from everywhere all at once. How many of them are in here? Oh, God, is it a whole gang? What are they going to do to me? How did they get in here? I don't have time for this, I'm going to be late. Wallace will be pissed if I don't have dinner ready. "What do you want?"
A whisper came from the darkness. "You."
Is this a robbery? "What do you want from me? I don't keep money here. My clients pay with cards." They don't want money, dummy, they want you. You know what that means, your pussy. Oh, God, no, please not that. These have to be those hoods who keep hanging around in the parking lot, staring in through the window. I knew I should have called the cops on them.
An old woman's voice came from somewhere in the darkness. "I want your attention, Tabitha."
Is their grandmother in the gang? "You've got it, now please, tell these guys to let me go!"
"Stop fighting and listen. You're such a vibrant young thing, so full of life. It's an awful shame that you will come to such a horrible end."
"What are you talking about? Who are you?"
"No one, not anymore. They murdered me, Tabitha."
"Murdered? You're talking to me."
"It is up to you now."
"It's up to me to, what, catch a murderer for you?"
"I am dead, you can't help me, but you are still very much alive for now."
They want to kill me? No. Why would they want to kill me? I haven't done anything to them.
"Where are you and why are they holding me? Please let me go. At least turn on the lights so I can see."
"Be quiet and listen. Evil is coming for you, Tabitha. It will destroy those you love, then spill your blood to free it from its bindings."
"Well, what can I do about it? I'm just a yoga instructor."
"The solution is simple."
"Okay, great, let's have it already. I'm running kind of late."
"You must win the love of one man."
Hide ‘N Seek by Georgina Moxley
When a spaceship crashes on a distant planet, fifty soldiers find themselves stranded for good. Fortunately, they soon discover that they are not alone.
The green, well-endowed women of Lorian have lost the males of their species and must rely on the human visitors to appease the needs of an extremely short mating period. Through a game of selection, dubbed hide 'n seek by the humans, the Lorian women choose their potential mates.
Major Brian Hobbs and Private Anton Marshall find themselves on the receiving end of one gorgeous alien woman's attentions, and they don't plan on letting her hide for very long!
Major Brian Hobbs scaled the still-flipping fish eagerly. The planet offered little in the way of fresh meat, and the captured fish were the one rare treat that the shipwrecked men could count on and voraciously enjoy, especially when roasted with local herbs over an open flame.
"Wow, Major. You really know how to season up a mean fillet," Sergeant Wilson declared, while eyeing the scrumptious treat.
"Please, stop calling me Major. If I've told you once, I've told you a thousand times, Brian will do just fine."
Brian hoped a first-name basis would ease any tensions. He wanted to be a commanding officer that didn't constantly throw rank in other's faces. He also sought to juggle being their leader with being just one of the shipwrecked guys.
"All the moons are out today," Brian whispered appreciatively "Even with no sun, this planet can really heat up so very nicely when its moons align."
"Coo, coo, coooooo."
"Did you hear that?" Wilson whipped his head around, attempting to find the source of the strange noise.
"Yeah, another one of those alien girls," Brian said. "She must be close by." Watching them was one of the few enjoyable pastimes on the otherwise wretched planet. They were similar to human women in shape, but certainly different in color. Their mannerisms, despite serious athletic prowess, also resembled Earth females. They were often spotted observing the crew at work on the broken down ship.
"I wouldn't mind if she caught up to us," Brian added. "I haven't had sex since they last sought us out. A year ago, from what I could tell. If our time is even relevant here."
"How long do you figure they stay horny for?" Wilson asked.
He wearily eyed Sergeant Wilson and sighed. Ever since the sergeant had come out of his coma just a few weeks earlier, Brian had to teach him everything about the planet all over again. Sergeant Wilson had questions and more questions. "Honestly, Wilson, I could swear you've asked me this before. And I'm sure I told you before that they'll have sex for about two of our months. Later, they'll shut up tighter than a drum for about five times as long. So you've got to get it while it's hot, so to speak."


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