Monday, September 3, 2012

AWESOME Release Tuesday ~ what are you waiting for?

How to Drive a Dragon Crazy (The Dragon Kin, #6) Oooh, this is one of those Tuesday's when there just isn't enough $$ in the bank to support my book habits!! 

L@@K at ALL these lovelies!!  And these are only the books I'M looking forward to, and buying!  In NO particular order, mind you ~ there are a few I've been salivating for what feels like YEARS ( Dragon's Moon & Archangel's Storm!) but I've been dying to get my mitts on them ALL!!

Thanks to Literary Escapism for her awesome listing skills of upcoming titles ~~ there are a few of us who email back and forth, and we send out lists, but she keeps the BEST track & links you to the buy site ~ <3 her so much for this!
I'm totally a preorder kinda gal, because even when I'm dying for a book, when there is a long wait, I WILL forget the exact release date unless I'm reminded. 

Check out her most awesome release site here ~ >

Now tell me what you're most looking forward to this week, and this month? 

Playing to Win (Play by Play, #4) The Lost Night (A Rainshadow Novel)Once and Again (Petal, Georgia)Archangel's Storm (Guild Hunter)Dragon's Moon (A Children of the Moon Novel)Dark Storm (Carpathian) Beneath A Blood Red MoonDance with the Devil (Dark-Hunters)Alone Time: Visits to Petal, Part 1A Tale of Two Vampires: A Dark Ones NovelPrimal Possession: A Moon Shifter NovelImpulseIn Rides Trouble (Black Knights, Inc., #2)  Inhuman


  1. They are all awesome covers! I am most looking forward to is Primal Possession! It's already pre-ordered and should be here any day. :)

  2. I'm also looking forward to Dragon's Moon, both of Lauren Danes and Katie Reus's book. do many great books out. I can't wait.