Friday, July 27, 2012

Crazy Hot ~~

Ya''s so crazy hot here I just want to stay inside and READ!!

But I've not had much reading time this week ~~ but I HAVE been doing some listening.
I'm listening to the fabulous Roxanne St. Claire's Guardian Angelino's series ~
finished book 1, Edge of Sight. 

Edge of Sight  This is a spin off, very loosely, from her Bullet Catcher series.  And let me tell you, I was heart broken when she said she was done w/ that series!! 
If you haven't read Roxanne St. Claire, that woman can WRITE, and she can write anything...from edge of your seat, Mission Impossible adventure to emotional scenes that will wrench your gut...and I was like OH NOES...but she doesn't dissapoint one bit picking up w/ this new series.  I'd actually read the books, but when they first came out, but it was a true pleasure listening to Edgo of Sight...the narrator, Violet Gray, truly brought these amazing characters to life.  To me, a good book rolls like like watching a movie in my head ~ listening to a GREAT book IS watching a movie in my head.  I can't think of a better way to explain to you.  I never thought I'd be a fan of audio books, but I'm here to tell if you have a great narrator, they ROCK!!

Quick run down on the story ~ Samantha Fairchild witnesses a high profile murder while working, and is scared for her life.  Because of past bad blood, she's afraid the police aren't really interested in looking out for her best interests...and she's not sure where to turn next.  So she texts an friend who also happens to be an investigative journalist who she's lost touch with ~ who says come right over. 

Sam had lost touch w/ Vivi, the journalist, because of her brother, Zach...and Sam's feelings of betrayal and hurt when Zach just up & forgot about her.  When Zach is the one who at Vivi's apartment when Sam gets there, w/ his missing eye, scarred face, and sparks flying between them, Sam runs...right into a killer.

Is that teaser enough??  LOL, you HAVE to get these books.  I'm doing book 2 today ~ book 3 isn't out on Audio yet, but guess what?  It just won a National Readers Choice Award, so I'm sure it will be out soon!! 


  1. I haven't read this series yet - I'm pretty sure I have a copy but will have to go through my tbr to check for sure. A good audio book is like watching a movie take place in your mind - love them!

  2. Thanks for sharing. I have never listened to audio books before but lately I have been thinking of giving them a try while I am in the car. Great post. I will be adding this to my TBR pile. Have a great weekend!!

  3. Maria ~ dig them out! I LOVE this series!

    And Mariann...I really NEVER thought I'd like audio books. I'm such a reader. To the degree that I used to not even watch much TV. Now I watch a some TV, still not tons, but I'm so glad I discovered audio books because I have a long commute back and forth to work, and this way I get my book fix while I'm driving! I love it! But don't get me wrong ~ I've got some duds. So if you get one you don't like, you just have to keep trying. I've found it's not even the story so much as it is the narrator ~ I find narrators I love and and narrate in the romance genre, and tend to stick w/ them. I have some friends who listen too so we tell each other when we find new listens that are great. You should try one!

    Have you ever read Darynda Jones? I'd recommend her First Grave on the Right for a first listen. Probably one of my best listens this year. Or a JD Robb book.