Monday, April 23, 2012

WIN Sapphire Dream by Pamela Montgomerie

Sapphire Dream  (Jewels of Time #1)

Win a Signed copy of Sapphire Dream by
Pamels Montgomerie aka Pamela Palmer...

Sapphire Dream (Jewels of Time #1)
A bit of magic, a twist of fate, and a prophecy of danger and desire...

Brenna Cameron came to Castle Stour on the coast of Scotland seeking answers about her past. All she has is the sapphire pendant around her neck and a vague feeling that she has seen this place before. She never imagined that she would be transported to a seventeenth-century pirate ship, complete with a dangerous crew of scallywags and a handsome captain who is none too pleased to have her aboard.

Rourke Douglas knows the appearance of this beautiful stranger is linked to the prophecy that has haunted his family for years. When the fiery-haired siren materializes on his ship, courtesy of the mythical sapphire and a bit of meddling magic, Rourke wants nothing more than to send her back to wherever she came from. But something about Brenna stirs his wounded soul, and Rourke knows he cannot outrun his destiny any longer

Did you know Pamela Palmer, well known for her Feral Warriors,
Hunger Untamed (Feral Warriors, #5)

was also Pamela Montgomerie? 

What do you think of authors using psudonyms to keep
their different writing styles seperate? 

Do you like it?  Or do you find it hard to keep up w/ all the names
fav authors might be writing under?

Several of my fav authors write under well known psudonyms,
Jayne Ann Krentz and JD Robb, and their styles are
clearly different under each name.  Not the writing
itself, but the setting and tone.  I like it!

But I get frustrated when an author I love keeps their psudonym's
totally seperate and they're hard to track down...
I say lay it out there for us the reader to decide if we want
try your other personas...just fill us in on what we're

Tell me your thoughts for a chance to win!


  1. I didn't know that Pamela Palmer had this other name - thanks for the info. I do know about other authors that do that. I've got note cards that try to keep track of authors & their other names, along with the names of their books.
    sallans d at yahoo dot com

  2. Thanks for all the information. I would love to read some of your books. Gale