Saturday, April 21, 2012

Protector's Mate by Katie Reus ~

I've blogged before about Katie Reus, and how much I love her books. 
Protector's Mate, which is a Nocturne Craving's short <but let me say it's not TOO short, it's the perfect length>  takes us back into her world of shifters. 

Felicia Serna, a small wolf shifter, had fled her adopted shifter territory to become a nurse in a war was the only way she could escape the nastiness and abuse that was heaped on her not only from the rest of the pack, but from the Alpha himself.  While overseas for two years, Felicia was startled then secretly thrilled when she started to get letters from another pack's second she'd met years earlier, Alaric.  When she decides to come back to the states, she's unsure whether Alaric would even want to she's floored when he not only shows up at the airport to pick her up, but informs her that his pack Alpha has taken over her former pack's territory, and her former Alpha is now dead. 

It isn't long, though, before Felicia's life is in jeopardy, and Alaric will put it all on the line to protect the woman he's known is his mate since she was just a teen...

This story was great ~ I loved that Alaric knew that Felicia was his mate so many years ago, and that he respected her enough and was secure in himself enough to give her time to grow and mature...even though had he known what she was really facing w/ her pack, he'd have had his Alpha take her in.  I loved the tension and build up to the sex and spoilers, but there WAS build up, and it was sexy and luring Felicia into falling for Alaric as hard as he'd fallen for her. 

I felt like Felicia was being a little hard headed about seeing the forest for the trees in some aspects, but I liked her as a heroine, and loved Alaric...and found the pack dynamics interesting and something I'd love to see delved into in a longer story. 

VERY satisfying read for what was clasified as a novella, and I want MORE! 

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