Sunday, May 8, 2011

Chasing Fire by Nora Roberts ~ Audio

Chasing Fire

Chasing Fire by Nora Roberts ~ Narrated by Rebecca Lowman
    Rowan Tripp is one of only a few women "Zulie's" or Smoke Jumpers in Missoula, Mont.  She followed in her fathers footsteps ~ but it's a life style she loves with a passion.  But this season begins harder for her ~ last season, her jump partner, Jim Brayner, died while on a jump with her.  While not overburdened with guilt, Rowan still has issues with it she has to get the dreams that have been haunting her. 
    Gull Curry is a rookie to the "Zulie's" but he's no rookie to fire fighting, or being one of the elite.  He quickly shows his prowess, and is dubbed 'fast feet' by Rowan.....whom, once he sets his eyes on her, Gull decides he has to have her.  And when he finds out her Dad is his idol, 'Iron Man Trip'?  It must be love! 
    Gull struggles to get Rowan to let him 'in', and in his own dogged way inserts himself into her daily routine...they are just beginning to have a relationship when the woman who had been dating Jim, the jump partner who'd died, shows back up on the base begging for a job ~ and because she is pregnant with what might be Jim's child, is given one.  But she blames Rowan ~ and is determined to make her life hell. 
Events quickly escalate from here ~ fires, death & tension escalate ~ and I totally have to give it to Nora ~ as much as I love her books, I'm usually pretty great at knowing who dunnit before the last chapter ~ I didn't here.  I had 3 people I'd narrowed it down to, but can honestly say she had me dying to get the end of the book to find out!! 
    As far as this being an Audio book ~ I've listened to ALL of Nora's books, and JD Robb book in audio ~ and love the narration of Susan Ericksen.  I must say I was dissapointed to find she did NOT narrate this one.  The narrator was good ~ but her voices were not as distinctly different as I'm used to, so struggled with that a little.  But overall it was a GREAT listen, and one I'd recommend in a heart beat!
You can NEVER go wrong with a Roberts/Robb!!

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