Monday, April 11, 2011

The Legend of Michael: Sin and Satisfaction by Lisa Renee Jones

The Legend of Michael: Sin and Satisfaction
Lisa Renee Jones has created a new world ~ a world where Super Soldiers, or GTECHs, are being created by the US Gov't, and General Powell ~ these soldiers were tricked into being, and are being tested, and experimented on by Gen. Powell, to the degree that they've begun to rebel. 

Psychologist Cassandra Powell has agree to come work for her father on Project Zodius, evaluating the soldiers ~ on her 3rd day on the job, she meets Michael Taylor, GTECH, and MORE.  Against all her instincts, Cassandra is drawn to Michael in a way she can't control, and he's more than returning her interest...they've only begun to build a relationship when the unrest between the GTECHs, and General Powell, her father, hits an explosive point.  The GTECHs have split into two groups, led by twin brothers, Caleb and Adam Rain, Good and Evil ~ and it appears to Cassandra the Michael has sided with the Adam, the Evil GTECHs, or the Zodius.

Two years pass, and the Gov't and Gen. Powell are ready to take on the Zodius, led by Adam Rain ~ and his second, Michael Taylor.  He's convinced Cassandra to come back to the states and help him subdue this evil ~ but when Cassandra runs into Michael again, she can't control her feelings, or the Lifebond they had only begun to form when he'd left her two years before.  She's quickly thrust into the war between the 3 factors, and realizing that Michael is not the bad guy she thought he was, but someone she wants to love...

I could SO go on about this amazing and wonderful story that is so full of secrets, lies and loyalties torn ~ but I don't want to give anything away!  Ms. Jones did an amazing job of introducing us into the world of GTECHs without an information overload ~ when I read the glossary, I thought I'd be overwhelmed, but she seamlessly weaves details into the story where we pick them up naturally, withought having to think about it.

She totally drew me in, and the relationship we see build between Cassandra and Michael is at times wonderful, at times painful and frustrating, but 100% believable.  I zoomed through this book ~ and already can't wait wait for the next!  I'm totally imersed in the war that is quickly escalating between the two fraction of the GTECHs, and with General Powell...........

Don't think twice about buying this one ~ Michael is a hero to die for! 

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