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R. T Wolfe ~ Flying In Shadows: A Review

Flying in Shadows (Black Creek #2)

Flying in Shadows (February 2013)

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Andrew Reed grew up with an instinctual need to keep an eye on his best friend. Not that Rose couldn’t take care of herself. 010Wild and sassy, she could hold her own in a fight, yet turn on a dime to volunteer at the local zoo or animal shelter. It wasn’t until later in life when Andy discovered his instincts were well founded.
_MG_3131 (2)Rosemarie Piper spent much of her life hidden from a brutal past she didn’t know she had. As the most upcoming conservation biologist in the Northeast, Rose works to find common ground with her passion to preserve nature’s creatures and the fact that the love of her life turned into a builder and land developer.
Little do either of them know their differences in life choices won’t be the only thing that works to keep them apart. When the violence from Rose’s past discovers her existence, she and Andy fight not only to keep their love together but to keep Rose alive.
From the time she was a little girl, Rose Piper was sure of two things: she wanted to work with animals and she wanted to win the heart of her best friend, Andy Reed.

Now the most sought-after conservation biologist in the Northeast, she's trying to convince herself that one out of two isn't bad.

Andy spent most of his life following his dream of becoming a builder. Now a successful land developer, he has returned to Black Creek to win the girl he has loved since high-school and hurt too many times: Rose

But efforts to keep their love together turn dangerous when a decades-old secret brings a murderer out of hiding, sending the pair running for their lives.
Rose and Andy.  Andy and Rose.  Ever since they were children (children we met and got to know in Black Creek Burning) they were best friends, and practically connected at the hip.  But as we begin Flying In Shadows, we get to know them as older teens on the verge of full blown adult hood.  Rose is a senior in High School, and Andy is in college...and has come home for a visit.  They begin to realize that even while they're best friends, their feelings are much more for one another...and are as deep as they can get.  But when faced with life altering choices, they are torn apart...and go seperate ways.
Now it's 8 yrs. later.  Rose is a Dr. now, living her dream with her birds. 
And Andy is back. 
In Black Creek Burning, there was a thread with Rose's Mom Amanda that was left open...we never really got all the deets, but we knew Amanda was living in fear, and that Rose had no idea the true origins of her conception.  In this book we find out that that threat has never left ~ Amanda had been living with it this whole time, spiraling her life out of control, and now that threat is becoming a very real threat to Rose. 
As Andy and Rose find their way back to one another, the threat draws them tighter together...
This one started slow for me ~ I loved getting to reknow Andy and Rose, and while I know we needed the back story with the teens Andy and Rose, I felt it went on a little long. I'd have preferred to get to know them better as adults, and gotten more of that end of the story.  Flying In Shadows is basically split into two halves, one the teens, and the other the adult Andy and Rose.  While the writing didn't always flow perfectly for me, I truly enjoyed the story, and it REALLY took off for me once we hit the current day.  The story that carried over from book 1 about Rose's history was spot on and kept me hooked...and RT totally has me champing at the bit for brother Duncan's story (and I'm thinking I know who his heroine IS!!). 
I'd say this one was a slow build to a great story!


  1. Thank you, Melissa. So glad to be here!
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  2. Hi, R.T.! Thanks for stopping by! Loving this series!!

  3. Good review - I haven't started this series but I'm intrigued by the premise and your spotlight. Thanks for sharing!