Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Wyoming Tough by Diana Palmer: An Audio bk Review

Wyoming Tough
A cowboy through and through, ranch owner Mallory Kirk knows what it means to put in a full day's work. But does his new cowgirl? He has his doubts that Morie Brannt will be able to pull her own weight, even if the petite young woman does seem to have a lot of spirit. As they spar over events at the ranch and a past that threatens their hopes for the future, sparks begin to fly, and Mallory can't help but notice Morie in a new light. But is this tough Wyoming man ready to love?
Morie Brannt is looking to prove to herself and her parents that she can be more than just a piece of ornamentation on her Father's she sets off on her own looking for a job, with few clothes and little money.  She finds herself in Wyoming, working for the Kirk brothers...where she's drawn to big, surly Mallory Kirk.  Or course, Mallory is suspicious, smart assed, thinks Morie is a gold digger, and he's totally drawn to her. 
But Mallory has this girlfriend he hauls around everywhere with him that is determined to make herself the next Mrs. Kirk, and she just doesn't like it that Morie is getting so much of Mallory's attention, so it doesn't take her long to orchestrate it so that Morie looks like she's exactly like what Mallory THINKS she is...only Mallory doesn't want to believe it. 
Sound convoluted?  That's because it IS!  LOL, and tropey.  But gah, I loved it.  There is just something about a Diana Palmer that draws me in ~ her big, surly heroes ~ you already know how they're going to act and react, you already know how they're going to paint the heroine, and I STILL find myself hanging on every word.  Oh, and Phil Gigante narrated this, so YEAH, I totally hung on every word!  Even while I wanted to smack the crap out of both Mallory AND Morie, I loved it!  : )    And yup, I'm not listening to Book 2, Wyoming Fierce, the 2nd brother's book.  Crack, I tell 'ya. 


  1. Lol...I think you meant to say that you are going to listen to the 2nd brother's books are totally crack!