Sunday, November 25, 2012

Running Wild by Linda Howard & Linda Jones: A Review

Running Wild: The Men from Battle Ridge (The Men from Battle Ridge, #1)
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Carlin Reed has been on the run for some time when she rolls into the town of Battle Ridge, Wyoming, and lands a job at The Pie Hole, a little diner where she unexpectedly finds a friend, and begins to feel some of the tension of looking over her shoulder ease.  But The Pie Hole is a small place, Battle Ridge a little town, so the owner, Kat, looking out for "Carly", as Carlin is going by, turns to her cousin, rough and rugged rancher Zeke Deker, who she knows has been looking for a cook & house keeper for his ranch.  It'd be perfect for Carlin who is looking to lie low and continue to make some cash, and perfect for Zeke, who needs someone to save them men from mutiny and their own cooking. 

Except Zeke has seen "Carly" ~ and what he's interested in w/ her isn't her coming to cook for him.  And he doesn't need a cook who looks like that stirring up trouble w/ a bunch of cowboys, thankyouverymuch.  Until the young boy who has been doing most of the cooking - if that's what you'd call it- is hurt, and Zeke no longer has any choice.  Taking a chance, he agrees to 'let' Carly come help him out...well, actually, Carly manages to work it out where she's doing him the favor of coming to work for him, and he can't fire her before the spring thaw...and how the hell had that happened??? 

The sparks between Zeke and Carly are burning low and hot, but they both resist ~~ Carly can't get involved, she's can't endanger anyone knowing she'll have to run at the first sign she's been found, and Zeke just knows women are trouble.  But the longer they're together out on the ranch, the harder it is to resist...

So this is supposed to be Linda Howard AND Linda Jones writing together, but WOW, I loved this, and it totally came across to me as vintage Linda Howard.  Think Duncan's Bride or MacKenzie's Mountain.  No, not THAT awesome, but the intensity, and just the simple man & woman find each and WORK for that happiness, that togetherness.  The strength of character that all of Linda Howard's characters are known for shines through in both Carlin AND Zeke, although the smartassedness she's excelled at in her single titles isn't as present her. 

But all in all, this was just a GOOD book.  I really enjoyed every min. of it.  I hope, HOPE, we get the cousin, Kat's book.  Anyone who is a fan of Linda Howard, or who WAS a fan of Linda Howard back in her Silhouette/Harlequin days, GET THIS BOOK!  You're gonna be thrilled!!


  1. Thanks for the review. I loved Linda Howard.

  2. Thanks for the review - can't wait to read this - you know how I feel about MacKenzie's Mountain