Monday, October 15, 2012

LAST Day ~ Hot in Hand Cuffs Blog Hop! WIN!!

This contest is open to US only and is open 12:01 am on October 10th and end at 11:59 pm on October 15th.
Do you like a little ménage a trois or perhaps some spanking to go with your bondage? Perhaps you prefer some guy on guy action or even some role-playing... Whatever your kink is, we want to celebrate it! The HOT IN HANDCUFFS blog hop is for all those readers who want to get down and dirty UNDER THE COVERS!

This blog hop is specifically for smutty books, so if you enjoy some steam in your fiction, then this is hop for you! Whether you write erotic books or just like to read them, don’t be shy! Let that inner sex kitten out and let’s celebrate kinky fuckery at its finest! 
I've got some SMOKING hot books up for grabs here this week!!
I loves me smokin' HAWT sex scenes...
What's the sexiest thing a man can do to a woman,
in your opinion?  (I can't WAIT to read these!)
Just follow & Comment to be entered to WIN!! 
Be sure to leave your email addy w/ your
comment, and I'll pick 1 winner for each book! 
Seduced by the Storm (ACRO, #3) Dating A Cougar (Never Too Late #1)Naughty Bits 2: An Anthology of Short Erotic Fiction
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  1. I love lots of kissing....start at the hallow of her throat and run his teeth and tongue up the cord in her neck...give a little nibble and suck under her ear before he takes her lobe between his teeth....ahhhhh ok I gotta quit. lol Thanks for the chance to win :) raynman1979 at yahoo dot com

  2. When he show her she is his whole world, with the way his eyes follow and undress her. Teasing what is to follow...

  3. When he cooks for her.

  4. When he listens! I am not adverse to a good massage either :)
    mawmom at gmail dot com

  5. Give her a full body massage:) I'd love to win the Sydney Croft title!


  6. When he smiles in that way that says "I want to get you!" Thanks for being apart of the sexy hop and for the chance to win!!
    GFC - Elizabeth H.
    ehaney578 at aol dot com

  7. When he can't get enough of you and he just pushes you up against a wall and devours your mouth...HOT!

    GFC follower-Reviews By Molly
    molly at reviewsbymolly dot com

  8. I love it when they just lose it and start going wild as if they can't get enough of your body and your taste :)
    GFC Cassandra Hicks
    Thanks for the awesome giveaway!

  9. stroke her all over with his large hands and whisper caring & naughty things in her ear
    sallans d at yahoo dot com

  10. When my fiance sends me text message that simply say "missing ya" or "love ya" or naughty suggestive messages...

    I read all of the book except for Seduced by the Storm

    Thanks for being a part of this blog hop :)


  11. Touching by body massage or washing hair while telling you everything he loves about you.

  12. Pinned up against the wall, that is the hottest thing a man can do to a woman, in my belief ;)
    Thanks for the giveaway!

    darkestaddictions at yahoo dot com

  13. Tell her she's beautiful no matter how she looks!
    Ashley A

  14. Starting at the top and working his way down very slowly.

  15. Protecting Her No Matter What The Cost

  16. Sexiest thing a man can do.... HMmm I would think my hubby was really sexy if he did the dishes yummm lol

  17. I think my hubby is at his sexiest when he can tell me he loves me in front of his friends. He isn't big on PDA so it means alot to me. Thanks for the giveaway.

  18. Standing up for me to his family. Thx for the hop stop.

    blinkysthebest at aol dot com

  19. Definitely dominating (in a mutually consensual way)
    manning_J2004 at yahoo dot com

  20. Doing little things. Just to let you know he cares. Thanks for the awesome hop and giveaway!

  21. Just making me feel feminine - sometimes in modern life I think women loose out on that feeling.

    Thanks for the giveaway!

    Following by email - dmr8888 at yahoo dot com

  22. Attention to detail...especially certain details ;)
    Thanks so much for the giveaway!
    BookcaseLaura *at*