Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Lean on Me by Helen Kay Dimon ~ A Review

My copy sent for Review

Available: Oct 22 2012 Amazon/B&N
Type: Contemporary Romance
Publisher: Carina Press
eISBN: 9781426894510
Cassidy Clarke once climbed the world's highest mountains, but after an unexpected illness ends her career she's back in her hometown, broke and hoping for a little luck. But the townsfolk aren't exactly putting out a welcome mat for the woman who once snubbed them in the media, despite her apologies now.  Mitch Anders knows someone has set up camp on the grounds of his plant nursery, and he's surprised to find his sexy high school crush ducking questions about where she's staying. Though he's sworn to stop cleaning up other people's messes, Mitch offers Cassidy a job and a place to stay--his place. Bed-sharing optional, but definitely welcome.  Out of options and too attracted to Mitch to keep things platonic, Cassidy says yes to his offer. She wants to get back on her feet financially and start a new career. She never expects to suffer a different kind of fall, one that has her believing Mitch just might bring her something bigger and better than luck.
Cassidy returns her hometown as the Prodigal daughter ~ or, as they've dubbed her, The Chosen One.  She's as down on her luck as a girl can get, with her Mom having recently died, been swindled out of every last dime of her money, and no longer able to withstand the death defying climbs that made her famous.  And now her step father won't even let her into her childhood home, and she can't figure out what is going on?  What's a girl to do except tresspass and camp out on some wide open space?  And, after all, she's helping out around Mitch's nursery, so it's like she's paying her room and board...isn't it?
It doesn't take Mitch long to realize that the still gorgeous Cassidy is the tresspasser on the nursery land...and as he's already decided he's going to stake a claim there, he's more than willing to head up that investigation...only he quite figure out what is going on with her.  He doesn't listen to the town gossip, as he knows there's so much more to Cassidy than what they have to say...
Wow.  This town was filled with some mean & nasty busy bodies ~ I so wouldn't want to live there!  Even Mitch's besties bought into the gossip about Cassidy, which made me think less of them...I got that they had put her up on a pedestal and she'd falled pretty far when she'd dissed the town, but come ON...every single person save Mitch bought into it? 
I liked the love story, it was sort of a soft, comfortable feeling of easing into it.  This was a cute, short read...not sure that I'd want more in this setting as I wasn't a fan of the towns people at ALL, lol.  Mitch is a hell of a guy ~ he not only saw Cassidy for what she truly is, he put up with all the crappola his buds were trying to dish up & serve about her & stayed friends with them.  Not sure I could have.  The side line story of the step father and the house ~ interesting, but short.  I liked it, and would have liked to have delved a little deeper into that. 
All in all it was a good contemporary read with a solid love story ~ but NOT a great small town read!  : D 


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  1. I won a copy of Lean On Me earlier this week but haven't had an opportunity to read it as yet...thanks for your thoughts on it Meilssa!