Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Heart of Danger by Lisa Marie Rice: A Review

Heart of Danger (Ghost Ops, #1)
Genre: Romantic Suspense
Release Date: November 6, 2012
Format: Print and Digital
They are Ghosts. They do not exist. Their birth certificates have been destroyed, all traces of their civilian and military pasts wiped out. They have no official military rank and wear no uniforms or insignia, save a tiny steel pin of a striking hawk forged from the rifle that killed Osama Bin Laden. Once again Lisa Marie Rice delivers a sizzling, heart-stopping new series as only she can tell it

Ghost Ops. A small team of super elite soldiers so secret only two men know of their existence-General Clancy Flynn and their commanding officer, Colonel Lucius Ward. On a mission to destroy a US-based lab working on weaponized bubonic plague, the team is betrayed by their commanding officer. The Team is massacred and only three men survive to be court martialed: the Team Leader, Tom 'Mac' McEnroe, tech genius John Ryan, and lethal Nick Ross. They disappear en route to prison and are never heard of again.

Mac and his men hole up in a high tech lair, completely off the grid. But when a beautiful woman somehow finds him, he doesn't know whether to kiss her, or kill her.
Dr. Catherine Young is on a mission, propelled by forces beyond her control to find a man who has disappeared off the face of the earth. She is bearing a deadly message from a dying man. Catherine has a gift that allows her to see into the heart of others. But looking into Mac McEnroe's heart is like looking into the heart of danger itself.
Catherine finds herself searching for the elusive 'Mac' McEnroe, and lost on Mount Blue on nothing but her psychic communication with one of her dementia patients...but for the first time she felt a pull so strongly she felt she HAD to move on it, that her patients life depended on it.  Now she's stranded on a mountain top, waiting for this elusive GHOST of a man to come.
When Mac rescues Catherine from where he & his team have stranded her on the mountain, he's sure she's a spy sent by the gov't...and when she begins to tell her story and he finds out she has ties to his old traitorous boss, he's positive...or is he?  And why is he, who has never had a problem keeping his hands off a woman in his life, so attracted to this one?  Why does he feel this connection, this pull, towards THIS tiny woman?  She can't stay...
Catherine is drawn to the big, strong SAFE Mac.  She feels a sense of peace around him that she's never felt before...and she doesn't see his scars, or the fact that he's not the most handsome man in the world.  She just sees how gentle he is with her, how safe he makes her feel, how he treats & interacts with those he works and lives with on Mount Blue.  And she wants him. 
I LOVE Lisa Marie Rice's writing ~ she has a way of writing a hero that grabs you instantly by the throat and heart and won't let go.  I'm always, always thrilled when she's got a new story out ~ no exceptions here!  BUT I was suprised!  First, I had NO idea this was set in the future!  No spoilers, but let's just say they're on like the iPhone 15 in this book ; > )  
It was a slow warm up between Catherine and Mac, which is a little unusual for LMR, but given what Mac has been through it totally worked for this story, and OMG, it was SO worth the wait. 
I loved how they completed each other ~ and how he respected her and her mind & skills enough to let her be part of his team. I not only loved the hero and heroine in this book, but love the whole world she's building inside Mount Blue and can't wait to get another glimpse into that world.   
GREAT read ~ I can't wait for the next Ghost Ops book! 


  1. I love the cover and the sound of this book-thanks Melissa!

  2. Great review! I am definitely adding this one to my TBR. I love these types of stories!
    Thank you for sharing. :)