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Iced deets from KMM & Winners!

Iced Karine Marie Moning
Karen Marie Moning is finally giving out deets on
ICED on her FB page ~~ 
I'm sharing here, but you can find them all over on her FB page here ~>
I'm SO excited to get back to this series!! 
"One final clarification: ICED, BURNED and FLAYED are NOT teen fiction, by any stretch of the imagination. To those of you who keep emailing me about the sex issue, trust me to walk the fine line I set for myself well. I relished the challenge of showing you the FEVER world from a different--and yes, controversial but if you want safe and PC don't read me--vantage point while maintaining everything that is quintessentially FEVER. Keep the faith."
"The other day one of my friends was asking about the new book coming out. He’s a huge fan of the FEVER series, and hangs out at my FB page regularly so I was surprised to discover he had no idea what ICED was about, or where it fit into the overall FEVER story arc. I realized you could probably use some clarification, too.

ICED is the sixth book in the Fever seri...
es. The only difference is ICED is narrated by Dani, interspersed with various other first-person points of view. (One of those first person points of view is Christian MacKeltar.)

ICED opens up one week before Shadowfever ends, at the sidhe-seer’s abbey, the morning after the Cruce got imprisoned beneath it. You don’t miss a beat in the action I developed in the prior books.

Some of the characters you will see: Dani, Dancer, Ryodan, Christian, Lor, Jo, Kat, Cruce, Velvet, a glimpse or two of Mac & Barrons, and many others.

BURNED and FLAYED are books 7 & 8 in the Fever series. Again, told from Dani’s viewpoint, plus others. Books 9 & 10 will return to Mac’s point of view. Mostly. If you don’t read 6, 7 & 8, books 9 and 10 won’t make any sense.

Here are a few of the main questions I keep getting asked.

Q: How old is Dani in this series?
A: 14 when it starts. 17 when it ends.

Q: Ew. Teens can’t have sex!
A: Right. What world are you living in?

Q: Does she have sex at 14?
A: No.

Q: Is there sex in this trilogy?
A: Have you forgotten whose writing it?

Q: Is Dani’s voice the same as it was in the Fever books?
A: No. In the Fever books Dani was 5% of the story, so I made her voice colorful enough to stand out in an epic world. In ICED, her story is epic, so her voice is more natural, more her own.

Q: When Dani does lose her virginity will it be with one of the males in ICED?
A: Yes.

Q: Do these books end on cliffhangers?
A: No. ICED gives a solid feel-good wrap.

Q: Do you love Dani’s story as much as Mac’s?
A: Absolutely, and I was astonished by that. I thought it was going to be much harder to leave Mac and Barrons than it was. I realized I hadn’t left them at all. I’d merely detoured down a different dark street in Dublin. Still looking up at the Old World façade of BB&B at night, with all the lights on, still seeing Barrons ‘(Bugatti in ICED) glide down the street, still watching Mac’s toss her hair across Chester’s dance floor. Just watching it through different eyes.

Stay tuned for an excerpt soon…
She also shared a few images I HAVE to share w/ you ~
One other thing... my friend posted this on my wall, and my first thought was "Dani!". This is exactly how I picture her.
This is not a photograph. It's a drawing done in ballpoint pen by artist Samuel Silva. Share if you think this is amazing!"
"The entire time I'm burning in Hell, I'll regret each tear I made you weep. But if Hell were the price for twenty days with you, I'd condemn myself again and again."

- Cian MacKeltar
Are you dying for the new book now? 
GOOD, we can suffer together!!
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