Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Working & Listening...

Sorry to be absent this week ~ worked like 60 hours last week, and been a long hot one so far this week.  Haven't gotten a lot of reading done, but I HAVE been listening ~ I have a commute to and from work, and I listen when I can AT work, so luckily I get my fix there. 

I listened to the Love is Murder: Thriller 3 antho.  It was  AWESOME!  I loved every story in it!  The story's are not even what you'd really call novella's in some cases, more like almost chapters, but they were so GOOD, some were GREAT, that I was hooked...I couldn't quit listening.  Some were old favorite series, like Roxanne St. Claire's Bullet Catchers & Mariah Stewarts Mercy Street, and some were new to me like Lori Armstrong's Mercy Gunderson.  (I've since bought & am listening to the first book in THAT series) There were new to me authors I'd never heard of, and authors I'd heard of but never thought I'd enjoy...and some of the stories I don't know that I'd love full books, but the shorts were awesome!

Thriller 3: Love Is Murder  I can't recommend it enough if you like suspense!  And at the beginning of each story Sandra Brown gives a little teaser about the story, and it only adds to the listen. The narration is awesome! 

Now I'm listening to No Mercy: A Mysterywhich is GREAT...there was a short in the above mentioned antho ~ Mercy Gunderson is a sort of PI from what I'm gathering, it's early yet, and from the short & what I've listened to so far, she & the Sheriff hook, so there IS romance, but the heart of these stories is the mystery, which is what I love in my Audio's. 

I also bought this week Time Untime: The Dark Hunter, Book 21

The Last Victim: A Novel
So what are you reading, listening to?    What am I missing out on?? 

I need READ time!!  


  1. I've been catching up on a series I missed when it first came out - the Bishop books from Kay Hooper in audio and they are good - not what I expected but even better in audio. I'm also waiting for the next Tess Gerritsen Rizzoli and Isles book to come out.

  2. Oh, man, Maria...I listened to Haven by Kay Hooper last week, the newest in the Bishop was SO good. LOL, made me want to get them ALL in audio. I'm going to keep my eye on them, when they run them on sale or when I run out of new to me books, they are first up to get. But did you notice that Bishop & Miranda's book isn't available? In print OR in audio right now. All the other are. Weird, huh?

    And you already KNOW I'm lining up for the new Rizzoli & Isles, I told you those were great!!
    I'm loving Mercy Gunderson...I think you'd love her, too.

    1. I won Mercy's book from your blog in read the print version but haven't had time to listen to the audio version yet. Can't wait! Bishop and Miranda's book isn't available???WAAAA! Which book is it? I'll look for used cd's or whatever to get my hands on a copy!

  3. You did...I won it an auction, signed. But I don't do CD's, just MP3's...and don't tell me I can put them on my MP3 player, lol... And Amazon just made a liar of me. Out of the Shadows IS available now. In book form. I swear it wasn't when I looked a few weeks ago...the CD version is $49.95. No thanks.
    So YES, find it used for me! Then you can tell me how to transfer to MP3! : D

    I LOVE the Out of series. OMG, these Lori Armstrong books are GREAT, Maria. It is two series...Julie Collins & Mercy Gunderson. I had some of the Julie Collins books on my Kindle. I'll bet you do, too...I think Blood Ties might have been a freebie at one time. And then there is a short in the Guns & Murder antho, w/ Sylvia Day, Roxanne St. Claire, etc. I read that short this morning...Oh, man. I LOVE the hero, Tony.