Wednesday, August 22, 2012

WIN Deadly Books...What do you fear?

I make NO secret of the fact that I LOVE suspense...the grittier the better. 
Sometimes I just want that creepy, make you look over shoulder read.  I have NO problems sleeping, or walking in the dark alone, lol. 

I love reading & listening to them ~ some of my favorites are Tess Gerritsen, Tami Hoag, JD Robb and the older Nora Roberts titles, Karen Rose, older Mariah Stewart (wow, I wish she'd go back to writing that) and now Lori Armstrong.  Allison Brennan, Kay Hooper, Catherine Coulter, Linda Howard, Mary Burton, Roxanne St. Claire, Sandra Brown...I could go on and on. 

The degrees of romance vary in these...some I had left behind because they'd pretty much abandoned their romance roots, but recently I've found them again, and while the stories they write aren't focused on romance, they DO have romance in them.  While others are romances that have suspense & terror built around them.  I LOVE them all!  Can't get enough of it! 

I was lucky enough to win some goodies from Laura Bradford on Twitter last week ~ she's a literary agent, who represents some amazingly talented writers ~ and she sent me some AWESOME swag, and a TON of books.  I already have some of these, because yeah, amazing authors!!, so I'm going to SHARE the love!  (are you bored yet?)

And it just so happens some Twitter friends and I were talking about books that scared them...and Cythia Eden's Deadly series came up.  I LOVED this series. 
LOVED it.  I know Cynthia did a ton of research into serial killers, methodology, etc...and it so comes across in these books, lol.  They will flat creep you out! 

So Laura sent me the 2nd 2 titles in this series ~ there are 3. 
So I figure it would be unfair to give someone the last 2 titles in a series, right?
So I'll pick 2 winners ~ and you guys, if you're like me and can read out of order, you'll be SO SCARED!!  If not, hurry up & order the others! 

These books rock!! 
So to enter...tell me ~

Do you read Suspense? 

Does it HAVE to have romance in it?

Got any recommendations for me? (I'm always on the hunt!) 

BEST Suspense title you've read this year!


  1. Gotta agree with Melissa on this. Cynthia's Deadly series ROCKS!!! So really I don't need either book.. but I'll answer...

    Yes I do read Suspense

    No it does not have romance but I will like it better if it did.

    Oh man ... Naughton's Stolen. Joan Swan's Fever.

    Ack! I can't answer that!

  2. I'm a huge fan of suspense books. I like the tension, action and fast-paced of the story-telling. I like suspense on its own or with romance so long as the plot keeps me reading.

    I've heard about Sandra Brown's books for a while but it wasn't until several months ago I picked up my first Sandra Brown book. Now I'm hooked on her books. She has stories that lean towards romantic suspense and others that are just suspenseful. I enjoy them all. Karen Robards, Anne Stuart and Kay Hooper also writes wonderful stories. Some notables I've read are Lethal by Sandra Brown, Touching Evil by Kay Hooper (pretty dark) and Pursuit by Karen Robards.

    I haven't read Cynthia Eden's Deadly books but I'll definitely keep them in mind :)


  3. i've read some of you list there, and i agree they wrote a mean suspense! i'm still a faithful jd robb reader and re-read them every time i got a reading funk. old linda howards are also good, i wish her new ones comes close..

    smile_1773 at yahoo dot com

  4. I do enjoy reading suspense, but haven't read any lately.And yes, I like to have romance in with the suspense - adds more layers to the story.

  5. I do enjoy suspense. I recently read Linda Howards 'Prey' which had my personal nightmare in it - a Bear (used to have scary dreams about them). I do like to have romance in the books, but am always willing to take recommendations.
    sallans d at yahoo dot com

  6. I do love to read suspense. It does not necessarily have to have romance in it at all.


  7. I read suspense just not much of it, so I don't have a favorite.

  8. I do read suspense books, a lot of them do have romance but that is not a necessity for me. Trying to think of some authors that have not been mentioned yet...these don't really have romance much but Lisa Scottoline, Patricia Cornwell, Sue Grafton, & Mary Higgins Clark all write some good mystery/suspense books.
    manning_j2004 at yahoo dot com

  9. I don't personally read the gritty RomSus, but I do like a little suspense in my romances. :) My boss, however, does love suspense and she's currently enjoying Chelsea Cain and Pamela Callow.

  10. There is a series I absolutely loved and it has a blend of lore and suspense with action to beat the band it is the Jane Whitefield series, book one is Vanishing Act (Jane Whitefield, #1)by Thomas Perry. The series is awesome and there are I believe six books in total, although I so wish there were more. Definitely worth the time and effort to read, I revisit the series every year or so and still enjoy the ride.