Wednesday, May 30, 2012

I'm so excited about #DFRAT!

Starting June 1st, Book Binge will be hosting a Digital First Read-a-Thon with Tracy’s Place, The Book Reading Gals and Novel Thoughts. We’re super thrilled to be cross-promoting all things digital first with some fabulous book bloggers.

For the entire month of June, we challenge each and every single reader out there to read as many digital first e-books as you can. There isn’t a set number of books you have to read. There isn’t a set list of authors that you must read. For that part of the challenge, you set the rules. The only rule we have is that the books read for this challenge have to have been published as an e-book FIRST.
We’re not talking about the e-books that are being re-released right now that were apart of print anthologies back in the day. We’re talking about books like
Slow Summer Kisses by Shannon Stacey, Crazy on You by Rachel Gibson or Room for Love by Sophie Pembroke. All books that were released to the public as e-books first.

There will be heaps of guest authors stopping by all four blogs involved with the Digital First Read-a-Thon so really, stop by and visit us. We’ll have giveaways, excerpts and a whole bunch of other goodies so it should be a good time. Load up those e-readers everybody, we’re going to have loads of fun come June 1st.
Happy reading!


  1. This sounds like a fun event! Can't wait to see what each site does.

  2. Count me in on the fun. I read on the computer as I do not have an ereader. sue Leech