Monday, April 16, 2012

Outfoxed by Marie Harte ~~

Outfoxed (Cougar Falls, #4)
Outfoxed by Marie Harte (A Cougar's Falls story)

Samhain Publishing, Ltd. (March 13, 2012)

Grady Chastell has had his eyes ~ and his cat ~ on making Gabby Easton his mate for some time now. Well before he'd found out the sexy sly fox was holding out on him, and that she could shift into a CAT, too! But now ALL the males in the town of Cougar Falls were after her, and Grady, who along with his brother Dean are known for their practical jokes and womanizing, is having a hard time getting Gabby to take him seriously. Oh, sure she LIKES him, and she gets that he's flirting with him, and flirts right back...but it's all in fun and games...on HER part. What's a cat to do get a sexy cat/fox to know he's serious?

Grady's brother Dean takes the problem out of his hands and orchestrates the perfect solution to throw Grady into Gabby's arms...only problem is, it's a lie. And while Grady is thrilled to be with Gabby, how's he going to explain to this amazing woman that's he secretly mated with he started their relationship off with a lie?

And to stir matters up more, an old for, Miles and his 4 sisters have recently come back to Cougars Falls seeking temporary asylum...bringing trouble in their wake.

I really love Marie Harte's shifters...she's got a great town going on in Cougar's Falls, where shifters of many different types have banded together to form their own big town, with smaller packs/prides, etc among the town. It's fun, crazy, sexy...and you just don't know what you'll meet next!

I really liked Grady, although a little over the top w/ the antics w/ his brother Dean. It was a little hard to reconcile the tough, bad ass cat with the prankster. And Gabby was great, but she too went a little far with pushing Grady...I think for a mated pair they messed around quite a bit with each others boundaries, but thought they were perfect for each other.

I liked the wasn't my fav. in the series, but Ms. Harte never fails to amuse and get you w/ the sexing up...And the set ups for future books!!

I'm SO dying for Dean's book now, as I do believe he's met his match, and Joy, his fellow prankster? I do believe she has her own anti hero in her future!

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