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Branded by Fire by Nalini Singh, Audio book ~

Branded by Fire: Psy-Changeling Series, Book 6 | [Nalini Singh]

Branded by Fire: Psy-Changeling Series, Book 6

In the 6th Psy/Changeling book, we move right along with the pairing of the the Sentinel Mercy from the Dark River cats, and the Lieutenant Riley from the Snowdancer wolves.  They're the liasons between the two packs ~ and have to be able to work together.  Which, yeah, they've been doing ~ with some sniping and clawing...and now a little kiss and no tell. 

When Mercy has an itch that it just seems like no one but that wolf can scratch, she can't control the urge...but it's a one time thing, right?  Or a fling?  Because a cat and wolf?  Just not gonna happen on anything but the short term.  And being as they're both high ranking members of their respective packs, this 'thing' can lead no where...right?  But Mercy had thought she'd go her whole life and never find anyone who could actually equal, let alone dominate her cat.  She'd thought she'd therefore go mateless...but Riley?  Yeah, that wolf could meet her one on one. 

Riley has always thought the woman for him would be a woman he could depend on to stay safe and sound at home while he was out protecting the pack and his Alpha...never did he want a woman like Mercy. 

And while Mercy and Riley are fighting the natural (or unatural ) urges between their cats and wolves, the Psy and Human Alliance are creating havoc all around them, threatening their city as a whole, and they youths in their pack. And the Psy Council are plotting in the background... 

I ADORE this series ~ but I want to caution you, this is really not a stand alone series.  The romances in each book ARE stand alone, but the Psy/Changeling story is a long one, and the threads run through each book.  It's such an engrossing tale, it's a fine line for Nalini Singh to keep the back story from taking over the relationship in each book ~ I think she does an amazing job, but sometimes I find myself wanting more of the story about the Council than I do about the hero/heroine, lol.  Yes, she's THAT good!  This is an amazin series, with characters you can't decide from one book to the next if you love them or hate them, trust them or want to strangle them...And whose side are they on, anyway? 

Mercy and Riley were amazingly strong characters ~ I loved how they played off one another, and had to learn to deal with the fact that they were BOTH dominant.  Awesome book ~ 

The Narration ~  I'm a fan of Angela Dawe.  When I first started listening to Nalini Singh on Audio, I wasn't sure about Angla Dawe ~ but she really does do the series justice...I won't say it's fabulous, but it's pretty great, and for the Psy she's fab.  And you have to take that she's doing male and female, and she does an excellent job of distinguishing between them, and letting us know exactly who we're hearing each time.  Important for me ~ I've bought more audio books just because Angela Dawe narrated them, so I'm pretty impressed!! 

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