Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Bear Meets Girl by Shelly Laurenston

Bear Meets Girl (Pride, #7)

In Bear Meets Girl by Shelly Laurenston, we meet Lou "Crush" Crushek ~ a full bred polar NYPD cop with OCD tendencies,  that bear logic and a tiny obsession with hockey.  Crush meets Marcella "Bare Knuckles" Malone at a party that a fellow cop, one we all know and love from previous books, Dez MacDermott throws...the hilarity ensues from page 1, people! 

Cella is full blood tiger, and if you follow the series, you know how them tigers are ~ only Cella isn't like most.  She's totally loyal to her daughter, family and friends...and all her jobs.  Just so happens she also works as an assasin for KZS ~ and Crush is about to get the pleasure of working with her when he's tranferred to the shifter division of the NYPD. 

In one of those crazy Laurenston twists, Cella decides she needs Crush to pose as her 'pretend' boyfriend ~ to convince her family she doesn't need fixing up.  And more hilarity ensues as Cella exposes the poor bear to her crazy family, and oh yeah, her friends ~ the Carnivore and their mates and friends!  Oh, it was so much FUN visiting with these crazy people again...and Bo Novikov and Crush actually hit it off in a polar bear kind of way. 

I enjoyed every min. of this book ~ and loved that Cella was so crazy and fun, but that she put her daughter first and foremost no matter what, and because of that got along so well with her daughters father.  One of the bottom lines in this story was the love and understanding Cella has for her daughter, and that she wanted her to be happy and while I laughed, giggled and loved it, I felt like giving Cella a great big hug for being a great Mom, too! 

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  1. This is near the top of my TBR pile, including a re-read of the whole series! I can't wait to read it!!