Sunday, March 11, 2012

Seeing Blind by Katie Allen

Seeing Blind

Cassie has moved to the small town of Napping to just lead a quiet life...she's made some friends, and is friendly with her neighbors, and loves her two horses.  And the fact that she can walk into town and no one looks and knows ~ knows that she's psychic.  It's been over 2 yrs. since her last vision...and she likes that just fine...and then it hits her.  The vision of a dead woman ~ a woman she knows, and the vision hits while she's driving and a neighbor witness's it.  Cassie tries to blow it off, but when she rushes into town to check on the woman who the vision had been about, none other the Sheriff of Napping catches her there, unaware. 

Sheriff Henry Tyson "Ty" has been the object of so many of Cassie's late night fantasies and dreams.  He's sexy and alpha, and how is she going to tell him that she's had a vision of this woman dying?  WILL she tell she's had a vision? 

So my friend Lillie suggested I read this, since we've got this MAD love for Dream Man by Linda Howard, and any book that even remotely can come CLOSE to it we want to read.  I won't say this did ~ it had some of the same basic elements, Cassie being a psychic, trying to run from her past bad experiences, Ty being a cop and an alpha hottie, visions of upcoming death...but the writing style is entirely different.  And the story is totally all it's own. 

I really enjoyed the story between Ty and Cassie ~ I thought it so cute that even though Ty was such an Alpha he could only steal glances and stare at Cassie.  The whole town knew about it, but he wouldn't ask her out.  I loved the chemistry between the two...HAWT sex.  What I could have and would have liked to have seen more of was development of the psychic visions Cassie had.  She really only has the one, and we don't ever truly get an explanation as to why it was THAT vision.  It just seemed a little week.  I liked the way she played it as a plot device of contention between Ty and Cassie, but not the vision itself. 

Overall, really like the book, and the writing.  I'm about to buy another book by this author, Breaking The Silence.  I'll let you know how I like it!

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