Monday, March 12, 2012

Oracle's Moon by Thea Harrison ~

Oracle's Moon (Elder Races, #4)

Oh, Thea Harrison. You have created this world, and this whole race that I just want to be absorbed in. Can't you write just a LITTLE faster? Pretty please, for me?

LOL, you might be getting the picture of how very, very much I loved this book...
Oracle's Moon is the 4th full length installment (there was one novella) in the Elder Races series by Thea Harrison. I loved, loved the first book, Dragon Bound. Still love reading about the characters from it, Dragos & Pia...the next two were good, but Serpent's Kiss, the 3rd book just wasn't AWESOME. Don't get me wrong, I love the whole world, but it just wasn't SUPER...Oracle's Moon IS.

And in a different kind of way...Grace Andreas is the Oracle of Louisville, and old and respected title in the Elder Races. It's a power that has passed down through females of her line through the ages. Upon the death of her sister, Grace inherited it. Along with her infant nephew, and her 4 year old niece. Grace doesn't have TIME to deal with Elder Races BS ~ she's got two small children depending on her, a bad leg she's still learning to deal with, a house that's beginning to fall down around her, medical and school bills stacking up, and just continues on. When she's put in the position of being the Oracle to the Wyr, Khalil, a second generation Djinn, one of the most powerful creatures alive, promises to keep her children from harm.
Grace doesn't realize it, but to Khalil, this is a bond of a lifetime. Djinn are dead serious about their bargains and promises. Grace and Khalil at first do NOT like one another, at ALL. He is arrogant, and has little use for humans...except for the children. He loves Max and Chloe. He visits w/ them, plays with them, reads w/ first Chloe is scared, but as she watches him with the children, she realizes he would never harm them.

This story is so complex and full of life I cannot even BEGIN to do it justice...I will just try to tell you my feelings on it. Khalil and Grace did not fall in instant love, they didn't even gradually ease into love ~ they worked on it, thought about it. They each had so many things in their lives that were obstacles to not only being together, but to just being happy ~ I absolutely loved the journey we take in this book. Grace grows and learns to harness and control herself not only as the Oracle, but as a Mother to her sisters children, Khalil learns what it truly means to love someone other than yourself so much you're willing to give up everything for them.

Oh, and the children! Max and Chloe were gems. Perfectly written for their age..., that Chloe was a little spitfire!

GET THIS BOOK!! You are so missing out if you don't!

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