Saturday, March 3, 2012

Fury of Fire by Coreene Callahan

Fury of Fire (Dragonfury, #1)

Welcome to the world of Dragonfury ~ Our hero in Fury of Fire is Bastian, the centuries old leader of the Nightfury's, or the protectors of the human race ~ he leads his Nightfury soldiers in a fight against the Razorbacks, also Dragons, but who believe that Dragons should rule the world. 

Bastian is hunting for a human female to sire a son for him ~ for the one thing that the Dragonfury do not have is females.  Only males are born into their race, so they must mate with human females to sire sons to carry on with their war...the downside of which is that no human female has ever been able to live through birthing a Dragon baby.  But even knowing it's a death sentence, Bastian feels the pull of the Meridian (an energy source for the Dragons) and knows he must find a suitable female. 

Myst Monroe, a Nurst Practioner, is home visiting a pregnant patient that she's worried about ~ she's apalled when she realizes the woman is bleeding out right in front of her, and her only choice is to deliver the baby right then and there ~ when the EMT's show up after her 911 call, she's forced to leave the dead Mom for the baby's sake...but walks out the door into a war zone...her reality shifts...enter the Dragonfury.

Bastian had been monitoring the pregnant female of a Razorback for when she'd give birth ~ so the Nightfury's could take the baby and raise it ~ but he's instantly drawn and attracted to the woman there with the baby...he  decides to take her with him ~ that she's the female he's been searching for.   

So this is a hard review for me to write ~ why, you ask?  I loved this book.  Loved the writing style, think there is a ton of potential for this series, and come ON, what is there NOT to like about dragons, people? 

I like thewriting style, I thought Coreene Callahan did an awesome job giving us the hero's POV ~ but, and yeah, I got a but in there...
a few things that didn't really work for me. 
I totally don't want to put spoilers out there, but from the beginning we know it's Bastians main objective to get Myst pregnant and that in his mind she won't live through it ~
but Myst doesn't know.

  And he doesn't tell her.  BIG no no, that. 

And there are alot of similarities to JR Wards BDB in here ~ did it take away from the story for me?  Not at all. 
But I have alot of hopes that Ms. Callahan will spread her wings and develop the Dragonfury's beyond what we see in book 1 ~ don't misunderstand me, I've already ordered book 2 and 3, I liked it that much.  But be aware, you WILL notice if you're a BDB fan.  It didn't distract me, but I was like, huh.  And huh, again.  But there are so many PNR's out there we run into this sometimes, so it is what it is. 

All in all?  Read it. If you're a PNR fan, a lover of big, possesive, alpha males?  You'll like it!  You'll want more! 

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