Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Hot Secrets by Lisa Marie Rice

Hot Secrets: A Dangerous Lover Novella (Dangerous, #1.5)

Hot Secrets: A Dangerous Lover novella by Lisa Marie Rice is a short story follow up to Dangerous Lover, where Jack Prescott reunites with the love of his life, Caroline Lake.  In this short follow, which really reads like an epilogue, we get to Jack and Caroline a year after the end of Dangerous Lover ( I loved this book ~ LMR can WRITE some heroes!! ) and Jack is still crazy protective over Caroline ~ in fact, he's made it his mission in life to teach her to defend herself in every possible way, so she'll never be a victim again. 

However, on Christmas Eve, while hosting a Christmas party for some local shelter children, Caroline finds herself in a harrowing situation ~ without Jack there to help save her and the children. 

For such a short novella, Lisa Maria Rice manages to convey suspense, courage, sexy tension and the unbounding love that Jack and Caroline have for one another ~ and show us how they've already grown as a couple in this short span, yet have a ways to go.  You have to chuckle at Jack's rueful humor at his own perpetual hard on around Caroline ~ all in all, it's a winner!!  And I'm loving these shorts between longer books, it's giving me a stay on my LMR fix!!

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