Monday, November 28, 2011

A MUST Read Author ~

So a while back, a favorite author of mine, Cynthia Eden, did a blog with author Katie Reus ~ her book sounded so great, I had to have it ~ bought it, and didn't get to it for a while. 
You know how you buy books you HAVE to have, then you have a ton others you have to read, so it gets pushed back? 
Yeah, that's what happened here....then one day I was totally in the mood for some Romantic Suspense, something new to me...and snagged Dangerous Secrets. 
I loved Izzy, the heroine, and could not get enough of the hero, Adam...I loved this book!
I'm not even going to go into a full review, I'm just going to tell you I went and bought the next book, Killer Secrets...yeah, loved that one, too! 
Within a week, I had bought every one of Katie's books I could find for Kindle....and wanted more.  So I emailed her and told her how much I was loving her books!! 

And guess what?  She tells me she also writes under another NAME,
Savannah Stuart!  I was thrilled! 

Now I realized she has all these Paranormals out there ~ YAY!! 
But I only started on these this past holiday weekend ~~ and OMG, I'm so totally sold and sucked into these!! 
Started with Taming The Alpha, which is actually a stand alone, but I loved the story set up and the shifters ~~ Wowza.  So now I'm deep into her Miama Scorcher series ~
Miami Scorcher
Book 1
Miami ScorcherBook 2Miami ScorcherBook 3 Miami ScorcherBook 4

YES, more shifters!!  The shifters are sexy, totally family and pack oriented, and all about their mates ~ what I love to read about with shifters.  And Yeah, let me give you a serious Scorcher warning ~~ these books are HAWT!!  Smoking!! 

So, yeah, I've said all this to say this ~~ if you HAVEN'T given Katie Reus aka Savannah Stuart a try ~ you are SO missing out!!  I can't believe I waited so long ~  AND she has a new Mass Market release coming out from NAL soon ~~
I can't WAIT!!

Moon Shifter Series

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