Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Lord of Rage by Jill Monroe

Lord of Rage (Royal House of Shadows, #2) 
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Lord of Rage by Jill Monroe is Book 2 in the Royal House of Shadows by Harlequin Nocturne ~ a series of 4 books by some awesome authors filled with Paranormal creatures & suspense.
The series is built around the Royal Kingdom of Elden, and it's ruling family ~ in each book we get the story of one of the children, who were magically cast out into their papanormal world by their parents when their kingdom was under attack from the Evil Blood Sorcerer ~ as a last act, each parent sent magical spells upon their 4 children ~ one was casting them away from the castle under attack to safety, and the other was an urge for vengeance upon their attackers.
In Lord of Rage by Jill Monroe we meet the one daughter of the Royal Kingdom of Elden ~ Princess Breena.  Breena has magical powers ~ but like her mother, she won't come into her true powers until she meets her true mate, her love.  But she's always been able to put herself into dreams ~ and the dreams she's been having are of a warrior ~ HER Warrior.  When she finds herself cast out into the far lands, in a forest deep and dark and almost totally deserted, she's starving, thirsty, and scared she'll die out here alone ~ until she finds the cottage.  She can't believe her luck ~ and when Osborn, the last of the Ursan Warriors, finds her sleeping in his bed, he's first thrilled, then suspicious...for her being there can only be a bad thing.
Osborn, a true Ursan Warrior ~ one who, when wearing his Barnhaut (bear skin), can become the most fearsome of warriors ~ a true berserker, has lived his life since his early teen years for two things ~ to protect and raise his two younger brothers, and to have revenge on the Kingdom of Elden, whom he believes massacred all of his people so many years ago.  He doesn't at first know who Breena is, but he knows she's no commonly bred woman, and that she's brought trouble to him and his brothers.  So quickly Osborn is looking for a way to get rid of Breena ~ she's a woman, he can't just kill her, so he has to find her a place to go ~ that is, if he can resist the temptation she presents to him.  And if she'd just stay away from him and out of his dreams...........and Breena is on a mission to get back to Elden, to see if her brothers survived, and what is being done to take the kingdom back....and she needs HER warriors help.
I loved this book ~ started out with a Goldilocks and The Three Bears twist that just tickled me, and I found myself really falling for Osborn, feeling his pain and devotion to his brother and his people ~ and really rooting for Breena to find a way around the rough shell he's surrounded himself with.  Breena is a young, isolated young woman who finds herself having to learn many things about the world quickly ~ and I like the way Ms. Monroe handled this, and made me truly like and believe in Breena.
More things are revealed in the overall plot line that the Blood Sorcerer has laid for Elden...and I can't wait to pick up Book 3!

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