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Lord of the Vampires by Gena Showalter ~~

Lord of the Vampires (Royal House of Shadows, #1)
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Lord of The Vampires by Gena Showalter kicks off a new series from Harlequin Nocturne ~~ a series of 4 books by some awesome authors filled with Paranormal creatures & suspense. 

I've been intrigued since I heard about it, and could NOT wait to get my hands on these books!!

The series is built around the Royal Kingdom of Elden, and it's ruling family ~ in each book we'll get the story of one of the children, who were magically cast out into their paranormal world by their parents when their Kingdom was under attack from the Evil Blood Sorcerer ~ as a last act, before their death, each parent sent magical spells upon their 4 children ~ one was casting them out and away from the castle under attack to safety, and the other was an urge for vengeance.

In Lord of The Vampires we get the Crown Prince Nicolai' story ~ Nicolai has ended up on the sex slave market and has been bought up by the Princess Odette of the Kingdom Delfina.   Odette takes him home where she, and her evil sister use and abuse him ~ and take away his memories of his family, and his kingdom, and bind his magic.

But in a twist, Nicolai is able to use his magic to send a book to woman in another world ~ our world.  In the book, he includes a message that he needs her help ~ and she's seen him in her dreams.  How can Jane Parker refuse this man?  And what does she have to lose? 

When Jane arrives in the Kingdom of Delfina, it is under Nicolai's magic that she appears ~ as Odette to everyone but him.  She has the power to release him ~ the power to save him.  Jane and Nicolai quickly find themselves unable to resist one another...

OK, so first I have to say I love Gena Showalter ~ I've read so many of her books and adored them!! 
And I did like Lord of The Vampires, but I have to say it was a luke warm like.  For some reason, no matter how sexy Nicolai was, I just could NOT warm up to him & Jane ~ I liked the story itself, and espcially liked the parallels to fairly tales ~ We had the Queen of Delfina as the Queen of Hearts, and Jane, much like Alice, finding herself 'falling' into another world ~ but over all I just wasn't vested in this one...didn't feel the sexual tension, the anticipation for Jane & Nicolai to find their way to a happy ending I usually feel. 
BUT I have to say I turned the last page and was curious enough about the over all story line to head straight to Book 2, Lord of Rage by Jill Monroe. 

So as whole the series is GO for me!! 

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