Tuesday, August 30, 2011

In Bed With A Highlander by Maya Banks ~~

In Bed with a Highlander (Highlander, #1)
ARC from Amazon Vine

In Bed With A Highlander kicks off a new series for Maya Banks ~ and her first foray into Historical Scottish romance. 

The heroine, Mairin Stuart, is the illegitimate daughter of King David ~ who is now dead, widely thought to have no heirs.  Mairin has been secreted away in an abbey for most of her life to help keep this deep secret ~ but there are some who know of her, and search for her.  When she is kidnapped from the Abbey in an attempt to score her hand in marriage, and in doing so secure an heir & her dowry, Mairin fights from the second she's taken ~ and plots her escape.  But when a small child is found trying to steal a horse from her captors, she quickly puts his safety and welfare before that of her own...

Ewan McCabe, the oldest of three McCabe Highlanders, searches for his missing son, Crispin ~ he's vowed revenge on anyone who would harm his child, and is frantic to find his son alive.  When his brother brings back not only his son, but a woman as well, and they are both closed mouth about who she is and how they came to be together, it's Ewan's job to find out the truth ~ and the fact that Mairin's secrets can be only a boon to his clan, who has suffered from an attack years ago, can only be a good thing...

I adored this book ~ I'm such a fan of Highlanders any time, but Maya truly brings to life the characters, the life they led by necessity ~ Ewan decides on Mairin first because it will benefit his clan, and second because she is great with his son ~ putting himself and his needs last.  Yes, he's attracted to her, and the story is a treasure to see them get to know one another, and fall for one another, but you really 'feel' the sense of what came first in Ewan's life. 

The sex scense are smokin' hot, the characters leap off the page, and the love story will make your heart twist and swell ~ I've really come to expect all these from Maya Banks, but was truly thrilled to get that added...SOMETHING that up to this point I get when I read only a hand full of authors, and I can only say this book made me think over and over of how thrilled I was to find someone else who can write historicals like Julie Garwood.

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