Saturday, January 29, 2011

A Few of My Favorite Things...............

Well, here I am ~~ trying this blog thing!!  I've always wanted to have one that is just my own, but just never think I'll have the time to maintain it ~~ so this is a trial thing. 

So for a kick off post I thought I'd throw out there a few of my favroite things ~~ and you can share a few of yours with me!! 

1.  Kindle ~~ how the heck did I live without this thing? 
2.  HTC Evo ~~ for many reasons, including being able to Twitter, Facebook AND read my Kindle on it!!
3.  My two favorite Yahoo loops ~~ Dangerous Women Writing & Writeminded ~ because they're full of
     ladies who are obsessed with reading like me, and are always throwing great books I've missed my way.
4.  Ah, the internet in general!  My world of reading was so narrow and shallow before it.
5.  Fatin, my personal book pimp!!  For those of you who know her, I need say no more!! 

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