Sunday, July 24, 2011

Changeling Dream by Dani Harper ~~

 ~~  provided by Kensington for review ~~

In Changeling Dream, Dr. Jillian Descharme is a vet who dreams of working with wild animals ~ like the white wolf who'd saved her when she was a teenager.  When she gets a call offering her a dream job in Northern Canada ~ and some of it with wild animals ~ she's floored, and skeptical.  It's gotta be too good to be true.  But when she arrives at the North Star Animal Clinic, it's really that great ~ a dream job.  And while she's out walking the paths close by, she see a white wolf...HER white wolf?  And then there's James Macleod. 

James Macleod has spent the last 30 years as the white wolf ~ after his wife and unborn child were murdered, and he was wounded, he submerged himself into his wolf so wholly he'd almost lost the man...until the wolf couldn't stay away from Jillian.  The wolf kept taking him to wanted her ~ and James, the man, wanted her, enough to return to being human again and claim her.........

I LOVED this book ~ it's actually book 2 in the series, but that didn't bother me a bit, as the story is totally stand alone and a wonderful story!  I loved reading about Jillian's struggle with her doubts, with her self awareness...made the story so much more real for me, and James was just a great hero ~ while he's suffered so much pain and loss, he looked at Jillian and saw what such a young woman had overcome to become the strong, powerful woman she was and it made him stronger ~ and I love a hero who is strong enough to learn from the heroine.  Dani Harper has built a great community of Changelings here, and believe me, I'm off to get book 1 ~ the focus seems more like a family than a pack, but I loved the feel that they were all there for each other in times of need, and all did whatever it took when one was hurting. 
I hope to see more of the characters from this town get stories!!

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